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this week Taylor Swift announced the re-release of the most successful album of his career, in 1989.he did it at his own concert time travel Held at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. It is the fourth album re-recorded from scratch by the American star. to regain control over the music he released before 2018.

And it is in 2019, His record label sold the rights to the songs One of his first six albums sold for $300 million to music mogul Scooter Braun, who managed Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber and other world-class pop stars.

After the purchase, Taylor Swift reported being subjected to “continuous manipulative harassment” by Braun for years.

“The scooter took away my life’s workI don’t have the opportunity to buy it,” he said. “The music I write on my bedroom floor and the videos I dream about and pay for it with the money I make in bars, clubs, arenas, stadiums,” he added.

According to Swift, big machineThe record label Braun bought in 2019 prevented him from playing 2019 American Music Awards and use them in your documentaries NetflixMiss America.

Additionally, he has released unpublished live albums without the artist’s permission.

Taylor Swift
(Photo: Getty Images) Swift unveiled the cover 1989 (Taylor version) A concert in Los Angeles this Wednesday.

Nonetheless, the artist decided to use the void in her contract with the label to produce new versions of her music, and announced that they will be re-recording and re-releasing all of their albums prior to 2018.

Swift’s new albums on Republic Records from 2019 They are entirely your propertyand re-recordings of three of his previously released albums: Fearless (Taylor Version), Red (Taylor Edition) and Talk Now (Taylor Version).

reissued songs in parentheses taylor version (Taylor’s version) so that fans can identify them by the original version still available on the platform, but they don’t belong american singers.

1989 (Taylor version) Available October 27th.

“Honestly, this is my favorite re-record because the five songs on the trunk are insane,” the singer-songwriter wrote, referring to the fact that the album will include five songs that weren’t included on the original song.

The reissues feature original covers, and fans are excited to hear their favorites in Swift’s more mature voice. He is 33 years old now.

Taylor Swift
(Photo: Getty Images) Taylor Swift toured in 2015 for her 1989 album, her first pop album.

Taylor Swift’s impressive numbers and in 1989

of in 1989Originally released in 2014, it sold over 14 million copies at the time.Statistically, it was the best-selling album of the year and the second best-selling album of the decade billboard.

includes songs like “get rid of it” and “space”these two are not only the most famous works of the artist’s career, but also the most famous works of the 2010s.

Both have more than 600.5 billion video views youtube.

Taylor Swift is the most played female artist in history Spotify.

In 2021 and 2022, it will be the second most listened to on the platform, behind only Puerto Rican icon Bad Bunny.

Although the artist did not disclose the number of collections for this tour time travelThe Wall Street Journal expects it to be the first tour in history to gross more than $1 billion.

he 146 dating travel It launched in Glendale, Arizona in March of this year and will run until November 2024, ending in Toronto.

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