Charlene of Monaco, princess dressed in light at the Red Cross ball

Charlene Monaco decided to wear light Red Cross Ball 2023. The princess chooses a dazzling look for one of the most important events in the principality’s social program, which has not been missed since 2006, the year of her first appearance at a charity gala concert.

White floor-length dress with tie waist, round neckline and sheer sleeves, embellished with crystals. To light up the outfit Charlene Monaco there is not only a dress, but also amazing jewelry, can even outshine a precious engagement ring Repossi stuck on the ring finger of the left hand.

A pair of designer earrings dangle from the princess’s earlobes. Van Cleef and Arpels in white and rose gold, diamonds and sapphires. The pieces are part of the high jewelery collection launched by the Maison in 2019 under the title Romeo and Juliet.

This is the result of a collaboration between Van Cleef & Arpels and Benjamin Millepied born from a rethinking of ballet inspired by Shakespearean drama, choreographer, husband, among others, Natalie Portman. Millepied takes the two tragic heroes to present-day Los Angeles: social conventions hinder their union.

Earrings, first seen at the ball, apparently a gift from Prince Albert who knows if he was more impressed with the hidden meaning or the fact that these jewels are part of a collection of 100 unique items.

The ring that the princess wears on her right hand is also made of diamonds and sapphires, certainly no less. Charlene for an event to which she is very attached, not only for emotional reasons, but also because her husband appointed her as Vice President of the Red Cross of Monaco in 2021, so she prefers a simple dress (however simple these crystals) in favor of unusual jewelry masterpieces.

Moving on to the rest of the family, Albert Monaco this is an example of diplomatic dress. Stand out in a white jacket red bow tie and handkerchief in suspension: These are the colors of the flag of the Principality and the Red Cross.

Present at the dance for the second year in a row in a team with Alberto and Charlene. Camille Gottlieb. princess’s youngest daughter Stephanie Monaco flaunts a truly regal signed outfit Zuhair Murad. A periwinkle chiffon dress embroidered with sequins and beads is paired with a purple tulle cape from the same Lebanese fashion house with a jeweled collar. Earrings and silver ring with zircon branded. APM Munichhouse founded in Monte Carlo in 1982.

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