Charlize Theron and Gigi Hadid wear outfits with tartan fabric in New York


The tartan is one of the tissues trend of the season and we have two it-girls (of different generations) who have confirmed: Charlize Theron and Gigi Hadidwho have taken a couple of outfits that we can learn how to use this tissue without making a faux pas.

How to wear tartan to the 40+

Charlize Theron it is always an inspiration when it comes to how to be the best dressed when you have more than forty years. During their last walk in New York city, the actress took a outfit composed of a black sweater, trousers of tartan fabric and boots black pointed.

Charlize Theron confirms that the tartan can be worn at any age.

© Gotham

It is clear that the pants in shades of red, green and thin yellow lines are the protagonists in the lookbut an excellent key to wearing the tartan is to combine it with other garments smoothas it happens with the black sweater of Theron, this way is achieved a styling balanced.

Total look tartan

On the other hand we have to Gigi Hadid, who also opted for the tissue scotsman during a field trip in New York. In the case of the american model, we see the opposite side of the coin: a look full of tartan fabric in a two-piece suit, the blazer features patches on the area of the bust and clings to your waist with the help of a black belt; Gigi as supplemented with booties black, like Charlize Theron.

In Gigi Hadid, the key to wearing plaid is found on the accessories to make the outfit a look of its own (and avoid the appearance of uniform). The belt gives a touch very chic, in addition, the detail of the patches makes it a outfit completely different from the rest.

Gigi Hadid gives an interesting twist to your outfit tartan with its accessories.

© Robert Kamau

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