Charlize Theron blurts out and responds in kind to insinuations about supposedly aesthetic interventions: “Yes … I’m just getting old!”

The actress once again confirmed that she never resorted to aesthetic interventions. With a changed face, she stated: “It’s okay, I’m getting old.”

On August 7 last year, 48 candles lit up, but Charlize Theron still remains one of the most beautiful and glamorous actresses in Hollywood. Although time passes inexorably, the Oscar-winning actress Monsters there is no intention to follow any canons of perfection or eternal youth, unlike many of her colleagues who, in order to “stop” time, decided to resort to plastic surgery – sometimes with very dubious results. In a recent interview with Charm, Charlize Theron has blurted out against anyone who hints that he has resorted to aesthetic interventions.

Charlize Theron blurts out and responds in kind to insinuations about alleged aesthetic interventions

Charlize Theron;

Charlize denied rumors and allegations that she made some changes, stating: “My face is changing, and I like that it doesn’t just change, but ages. People think he resorted to a facelift. People often ask me, “What did you do to your face?” and I say, “I’m just getting old! This does not mean that she resorted to bad plastic surgery. That’s exactly what’s happening“. The actress later addressed the differences between male and female aging: “It has always bothered me that men of a certain age are compared to fine wines and women to cut flowers.“. An idea that the star does not share at all: “I also think that women my age want to age the way they see fit. I think we need to show a little more empathy for how we all intersect, and it’s kind of weird for me to see my face on a billboard right now.“.

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