Charlize Theron won’t get fat for a movie anymore: ‘I’ll never do that again’ | Movie

Charlize Theron she told Allure that she stopped wanting to fully get into the role after gaining weight.

I will never do a movie again and say, “Okay, I’ll gain 20 kg.” I’ll never do that again, because then I won’t be able to take them off.“He admitted. “At the age of 27, when I was filming Monsters, I lost 10 kg overnight. I skipped three meals and returned to my normal weight.“.

WITH Tully experience was different.

Then I did it again at 43 for Tully and I remember that after a year of trying to lose weight, I called the doctor and said, “I’m dying because I can’t lose weight.” He told me: “You are over 40, don’t worry. The metabolism has changed. Nobody likes to hear things like that.

In the same interview, the actress spoke about her advanced age:

What really annoys me is that if I’m in an action movie and I get injured, it takes a lot longer to recover than it would in my 20s. More than a face, I wish I had my 25-year-old body so I could throw myself against a wall without getting hurt. Now, if I don’t train for three days and then go back to the gym, the next day I can’t walk and I can’t sit on the toilet.

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