Charlize Theron’s call: “Accept dogs, don’t buy them”

Thanks to Maria De Filippi, the South African actress brought her love for animals to Italy.

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“Accept, don’t buy” is the call of the beautiful Charlize Theron, a lover of animals and especially dogs, who came to Italy thanks to Maria De Filippi. The Hollywood star, a guest of the TV program “You have a letter”, spoke about his love for four-legged friends: “When I come to their house, they are the only ones who really understand me,” said Charlize De Filippi. An open-hearted interview during which Maria showed her some photos and she commented on them. Among them, one cannot fail to mention his two favorite dogs, two mestizos, whom he adopted in a shelter. In fact, the South African actress, naturalized in the United States, lives with her two daughters and four furry pets, all of whom are adopted: Johnny, Berkeley, Leo and Cleo, who come from the Best Friends of Animals, an orphanage that runs the largest pet shelter in USA.

Theron is very close to the topic of adoption and is strongly against buying a pet. On his social profiles, he writes: “The only way out is to have pets. Animal shelters across the country are filled with stray cats and dogs. And if I could, I would save them all. Go and visit shelters and nurseries, we can only do this together.”

In the USA, unfortunately, many catteries still operate euthanasia: after a period of stay, if there are no applications for adoption, specimens are suppressed. Fortunately, however, more and more “no-kill” hideouts are popping up, thanks in part to the efforts of popular figures who support them. Like Charlize Theron, who often insists on the issue of abandoning and rescuing animals from nurseries and shelters.

She also said that since childhood she has always lived among nature. “Growing up on a farm in rural South Africa, my only friends were animals. I’m not kidding, my best friend was my goat Bok. However, when I moved to the United States, it became painfully clear that I could not move my goat to an apartment in New York. Dogs, however, were everywhere I looked, and I’ve been hooked on them ever since. Animal Best Friends Society is always the first place I go when I need a new furry heart in my life. Everyone’s commitment is needed.”

There are thousands of likes and comments under Charlize Theron’s posts from fans who want to pay their respects to her and, hopefully, heed her advice.

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