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Charm – 98% is the new film from Disney Studios directed by Jared Bush (co-director of Zootopia – 98%, 2016), Byron Howard (Hillbilly, a Rural Elegy – 30%, 2020; Tangled – 90%, 2010; Frost / Nixon – Frost / Nixon – The Scandal Interview – 92%, 2009) and Charise Castro Smith (co-director). Animated film that returns to the musical style of the Disney studios, with 99 minutes of duration, Charm combines adventure, comedy and fantasy throughout his footage. With a predominantly Latino cast, Charm It features the voices of Stephanie Beatriz, María Cecilia Botero, John Leguizamo, Mauro Castillo, Jessica Darrow, Angie Cepeda, Carolina Gaitan, Diane Guerrero, Wilmer Valderrama, Rhenzy Feliz and Maluma, among others.

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Charm – 98% presents us with the story of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals. Hidden among the Colombian mountains, the Madrigal live in a magical house located in a town known as Encanto, a place located in an enclave of said mountains. The magic of this site has endowed all members of the family with varied and unique gifts ranging from super strength to healing power. However, these gifts seem not to have reached Mirabel. Although she is the only member of the family who can be considered normal, Mirabel will discover that she is also the only Madrigal capable of saving her extraordinary family when Encanto’s magic begins to be in danger.

There are few negative comments accumulated by the film number 60 of the Disney studios so far, however, it stands out as the most significant idea of ​​this sector of criticism that of a certain feeling of artificiality in terms of the tone of the film. Despite these comments, there are many more who positively value the reflection of Latino culture, specifically Colombian, in Charm.

Colorful and very funny, Charming – 98% is full of well-drawn characters and songs that are not only catchy and fun, but also serve a narrative purpose, an aspect that marks the definitive guideline for the return of the studios to their musical tapes. All this coupled with its constant nods to magical realism, so representative of Colombian literature, as well as its central message regarding the value of the community, the family and the reference to the overvaluation that we often give to the search for the pretended perfection, they have converted to Charm for the critics in a film not only magical, but charming and entertaining from start to finish.

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Here is a representative compilation of the reviews, reviews and ratings obtained by Encanto – 98%:

For The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw writes:

This is an unsatisfying and tasteless movie. An artificial story that wants to have its metaphorical cake and eat it.

From a more positive perspective, Moses Garcia points at Nerd Adventures:

Charm It is a colorful expression of Colombian culture and identity and at the same time it is a film that has a lot of magic within its plot, being the perfect and comforting dose at the end of this difficult year.

Gines Plaza describes in the same sense for Cinema:

Charm lives up to its name: it is a wonderful film comparable to the best Disney animated achievements, it exudes magic (figuratively and literally), it is frankly entertaining and a real enjoyment for the senses, enjoyable in equal parts by both children and adults.

From Qiibo, Jorge Rivera comments:

… The magnificent soundtrack of Lin-Manuel Miranda keeps spirits high throughout the film, with happy rhythms even in tense moments, celebrating the Latino personality, especially Colombian, and that powerful sense of community and family …

Marino Delgado aim from Hobby Consoles:

The songs have a narrative purpose, we are introduced to characters, secrets are confessed, traps are completely changed … It is like watching a Broadway musical in the best sense …

On Cinemania, Adrian Carande thinks the following:

In front of the script led by the co-director Charles Castro Smith, whose origins as a playwright end up being evident, it is difficult not to consider several elements of Charm as idyllic and family-friendly versions of the very One hundred years of loneliness from Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Mikel Zorrilla reviews for his part for Espinof that:

Charm it is a wonder. At its worst moments, which are few and far between and it is still unfair to value them this way, it is only very entertaining, but at best it is a delight for the senses, one of those films that you enjoy gawking, with a smile on your face. mouth and that rare feeling of satisfaction of seeing something essential full of charm.

For Screen Daily, Tim Grierson stresses:

Beneath the percussive, upbeat melodies and colorful, joyous animation is a story about the realization that people who seem better off than us may be carrying a private pain that they keep repressed inside. A film that maintains that perfection is overrated.

G. Allen Johnson of Datebook, highlights the following:

All the characters, even the minor ones, are well thought out and chosen; the eye-catching visual design is not only inspiring and fascinating, but also functional; and memorable songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda and others complement the story perfectly.

While Caroline Siede stands out for AV Club that:

Starting from the Latin American tradition of magical realism, Charm weaves his vision of magic into everyday life. Multigenerational and multiracial Madrigals offer a diverse representation of the Colombian experience …

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