Chats involving Angileri were leaked: “Don’t break my balls”

The future of Fabrizio Angileri in River Plate it is more uncertain every day. The left side, who still belongs to the “Millionaire”, did not renew his contract, so the leadership decided that do not travel to the preseason to San Martín de Los Andes. While in Núñez they await the signature of the defender, closed your account Instagram Y a chat with your friend was leaked, in which He shot Marcelo Gallardo and was forceful with a teammate.

The directive brought controversy for others throughout the football world. From River they don’t want more free players to leave, so, they will have to solve their situation before the competition starts. It is still unknown what it will be the decision of the athlete that in the last season the DT took into consideration, but that he did not have much filming as a result of the injuries.

I found out that Milton (Casco) is going to play for me. I’m going to be a substitute “, Angileri wrote. “And friend, it’s a dog. What do you want me to tell you,” he launched. “Well, what do you want me to do? It’s Marcelo’s decision,” said his friend. “And yes, friend, but you can’t. I mean, a guy that without offending he is very retired already in training he does nothing. He keeps fucking around and it seems like train 30%“, he assured about his partner in the chat Instagram.

By last, shot Marcelo Gallardo on his decision: “I don’t understand about Marcelo, to be honest he’s already an old kid Milton. That he is going to play in Arabia I do not know. But don’t break my balls“, he concluded. Of course, it is not entirely confirmed that they are real, but, it is also true that when he established himself in the position of left back left Casco aside. After the last injury you suffered, lost the place in the first team.

The possibility of going to Boca

In the last hours of Tuesday, January 11, the possibility arose for Fabrizio Angileri to continue his career at Boca Juniors. It’s just a rumor that got very strong in Twitter due to the present that the player goes through. He does not train with the first team in San martin de los andes by decision of the leadership and, if you do not renew your link, will surely be free.

He trained normally in Ezeiza

Beyond that they did not travel with the rest of the squad, Angileri and Benjamin Rollheiser started the preseason for their part. Players who have no place alongside their teammates they trained alone on the Ezeiza site. Meanwhile, from the authorities of the “Millionaire” They hope that the footballers will reach an agreement so that be part of the team in the next championship.

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