Chaturbate will allow its webcam stars to stream video games

Chaturbate It is a site that probably needs no introduction, as its name is synonymous with what users do there. However, some webcam stars were trying to spice up their live broadcasts by playing video games between their fiery sessions. Often times, this caused the stream to go dark and the cammer received a severe warning from Chaturbate, as the site did not want to run into copyright issues.

But this could change. Chaturbate just announced that it will allow webcam stars to play some games on the site, thus making Chaturbate the Twitch of the xxx industry.

To start streaming games on Chaturbate, first go to the streaming page and click to add any of the approved games to your stream. Then you just have to start playing and start streaming. However, not all games are listed on Chaturbate. In fact, it’s a pretty small list that is made up mostly of indie games. And you can definitely see a certain pattern in the approved games, including titles like Princess Never Lose, Night Party, 3DXCHAT, Demons Rise Up !, House Party, Hunie Pop, and others.

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The list of Chaturbate is growing after making your announcement on Twitter. Game developers can add their games for approval, and many respond to the original post to inform users.

The entrance of Chaturbate In the gaming world it seems to aim to snatch old Plexstorm users, which has suffered from glitches since its inception and seems to always be down. Plexstorm was billed as the adult gaming site where streamers could play whatever they wanted while also doing whatever they wanted on camera. Plexstorm is currently out of service.

Of course, if you don’t want to play one of the titles approved by ChaturbateYou can always use Chaturbate for your cam service while simultaneously operating a Discord server that is streaming whatever game you prefer to be playing. It’s a bit more complicated, but no one ever said sex work was easy.


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