“Cheated by Carlos Mora”

andIn times of crisis, fraud increases. This is what the members of the “Scammed by Carlos Mora” group, a group of humble former football players, think They felt betrayed by a business in which they had invested not just money but hope.Reminiscing about a time when football wasn’t broadcast on so many digital platforms. The protagonist is Carlos Mora, a fan who has dedicated his life to recording games and providing this material to participating players. He did this in exchange for small amounts of money, but according to those affected, he did not always keep his end of the bargain. Now they are speaking out to condemn their evil deeds. Not so much for them, but to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

He told me about the landlord, about his son, about how he had no money… more of the same thing; I didn’t understand why it wasn’t clear

Nacho Casanova (former football player)

Moura contacted Nacho Casanova via Facebook, providing him with a list of information about his time at Castillo CF, Las Palmas UD, Alicante CF, Mallorca B or Aguilas FC Waiting for videos of the team’s career. The former footballer agreed to pay €100 for a few games after researching online and seeing several articles about the business. Mora even gave him her ID card so he would know the store wasn’t vulnerable. After a delay, he was contacted by a man from Gran Canaria. Carlos promised he would send it to him, but seven months later he still has no memory: “He talked to me about the landlord, his son and that he had no money. But it was more of the same. I don’t understand why it’s not clear,” He admits.Nacho is just the tip of the iceberg They felt they had been cheated by a man nicknamed “Maldini from Tarragona” because he had a large video library of Game 2, Game 2B and Game 3..

What makes me sad is that he plays like this in the hope that many players can have memories of their own careers.

Manolo Perez (former football player)

The way things are done is always the same. He contacted former players and lured them with various screenshots and excerpts from those games. By stimulating interest, it offers an affordable price. Surprisingly, given the small amount, between 40 and 200 euros, he did not keep his promise. “It’s not about the money, it’s about the feeling of being cheated,” admits Lorenzo Zuniga, a former player and father of Málaga footballer Lorenzo Zuniga. He also didn’t receive his video. Four years ago, he put down a deposit of 150 euros but “received an empty box.” Zuniga was a member of the WhatsApp group “Scammed by Carlos Mora,” which jointly reported the situation.

Also in the group are former Cádiz footballers Hercules or Elche Manolo Pérez.His case dates back more than a decade: “I had given up on him, but it saddens me that he played like this with the hope of many footballers who thought of preserving the memory of their career.” I didn’t know him at that time, but I kept insisting until he sent me something that didn’t match the agreement. “The content of the discussion was 60 videos, and he only received 20 “very poor quality” videos.. “They’re useless,” he admits.

The issue isn’t the money, it’s the fact that my kids are excited to see their dad play; nothing to say

David Dorta (former football player)

Raul Backos faces the same situation. The man from Tenerife, fed up with Mora’s stories, wrote to him asking for his money back. His answer was reminiscent of Casanova’s: “I’ll have them on the road Friday or Monday. I have bronchitis and I don’t smoke.” But the videos never arrived. The excuse was that he needed ID to deliver the goods. The result: no video and no money. Backus posted a public complaint on his network. In his reply to the post, Moura listed international football players such as Cesc, Xabi Alonso or De La Rede as examples to compare his career with. But the reality is that he ended up blocking the canary.

I feel like I was cheated: I paid a deposit and a few months later I received a box… but it was empty; there was nothing in it.

Loren Zuniga (former football player)

Carlos Mora presents his “client portfolio” to David Dorta: “He earned my trust by sending me screenshots of the earnings of players such as Pepe Reina, Casemiro, Nico Pareja, Verdu, Hernan Perez, etc. They earn more Much more.Some reach 2,400 euros“, admitted the former Hercules or Vicindario player. “Three months after depositing the agreed funds, he did not send me anything. He used work as an excuse and said his father was in hospital. ” Dorta even filed a complaint with the National Guard and received a package at home ten days later: “I received some videos, but the quality was very poor. The local lamented the episode: “Money wasn’t an issue but my kids were excited to see their dad play. He has no news,” he said.

Carlos Mora despite having many customers “queuing” and dissatisfied He continues to advertise his services online and contacts former footballers. Primera Plana contacted him and explained his version. Not only did he not want to cooperate, he also blocked the editor’s WhatsApp and phone calls.

Online Complaint: “Stop laughing at people”

Tenerife youngster Aaron Darias also found his way into Mora’s net. His first contact dates back to 2021. He contacted him and sent him a list of games from his time at Chicharrero. Like Backos, he was asked to provide his DNI because he said customs would not allow him to send to the Canary Islands. For security reasons, Darias did not provide the materials and instead sent them to a family member. Despite this, the video never arrived: “He always found various excuses to tell me about his son and wife. It sounded like I wanted to know more about it, but time passed and there was still no news from him.” See Seeing how things were going, he decided to share the situation online and even on local radio: “The financial problem won’t hurt me, but I don’t want more people to continue laughing,” he said.

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