check out 12 minutes of gameplay of this new DLC

The villain of the third installment will be playable for the first time, but the video with gameplay presents several SPOILERS.

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Far Cry 6 recently surprised us with a crazy DLC starring Vaas, the villain of the third installment of this Ubisoft franchise. Now, and thanks to IGN, we can enjoy 12 minutes gameplay of this experience, however, it is necessary to leave a warning of spoilersas the video details several key scenes that could ruin your adventure.

This is the first of 3 confirmed DLC for Far Cry 6This DLC is an experience style roguelike (Spelunky, Hades) where we will finally put ourselves in the shoes of the crazy villain from Far Cry 3. With nothing more than a simple gun, we will have to explore an island and survive all the dangers it hides. However, the biggest threat will be your own mind of Vaas.

Far Cry 6

We will visit iconic places and discover hidden secrets in the last of Vaas. In the same way, enemies of that time will stalk us throughout this DLC. As you can see, this content is very focused on the veterans of the saga, but nothing prevents a newcomer from meeting Vaas through this experience.

The Vaas DLC It is now available, and this is the first of 3 contents Confirmed DLCs for Far Cry 6. After visiting the mind of Vaas, we will focus on Pagan Min from the fourth installment, and later, on the very Joseph Seed we met in Far Cry 5.

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