Check out the video on FAN for Offset’s pre-album single.

It’s also a queue Compensate: Four years after the release of his first solo album, his second album will soon be released, preceded by a single FAN.

Part follows shortly after jealousy with his partner Cardi B and was accompanied by a self-directed video that was also a joy to watch.

Offset pays tribute to Michael Jackson in FAN video

How many times have videos been made, watched or not, adding nothing to the song in question. What we are talking about today, fortunately, is not one of those cases.

Yes, because the creation of the former Migos is a complete tribute Michael Jacksonwith constant references to the outfits and videos of the undisputed King of Pop, including evergreens like Thriller, smooth Criminal AND Billy Jean.

The choice is not accidental, rather, as he himself said, the Lawrenceville rapper feels exactly like Michael Jackson, who “comes from a successful group, breaks records until he becomes a superstar himself“.

A non-trivial starting point for a new album Switch offwhich shows us that the rapper is in good shape and can play well on the instrumental produced by Aaron Bowe, FNZ, Teddy Walton, Thanks, Fizzle AND Terd and on which he also offers a couple of streams different from his usual ones.

Switch off by Offset will be released on October 13, that is, a little less than a month: in the meantime, we can listen to each other and watch the video of the single FAN.

Happy listening and pleasant viewing!

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