Chef Vettorello from Jesolo at the Venice Film Festival

He will head the Biennale Terrace and the Palazzo del Casino restaurant. “We will offer a menu dedicated to the improvement of our territory”

Tino Vettorello returns to main character Venice International Film Festival, scheduled from Wednesday 30 August to Saturday 9 September. Once again, a chef from Treviso, but Chef Tino Jesolo at the Michelangelo Yachting Club resort, will head the kitchen of the Biennale on the Campari Terrace in front of the Red Carpet and in the Palazzo del Casinò Restaurant.

This is a partnership between Vettorello and the Lido Film Week under the slogan of excellent cuisine and hospitality. A link that over the years has already seen some of the Star System’s biggest celebrities at Tino Vettorello’s table: from George Clooney to Penelope Cruz, from Michael Caine to Michelle Pfeiffer, from Lady Gaga to our Vasco Rossi, Monica Bellucci and Gianna Nannini.

“The menu offer will be mainly based on the Venetian tradition, reimagined in a modern way. – He says Chef Vettorello -. We will offer guests the opportunity to taste dishes prepared mainly from North Adriatic fish, from organic Caorle shellfish to the now famous blue crab from the lagoon, as well as a variety of vegetables and fruits of local origin.”

“Now there is a very clear path leading to sustainable development and an increase in the amount of exceptional raw materials that, fortunately, our territory provides us. adds Vettorello. Thus, in my culinary proposal it becomes important to maintain a high Mediterranean coefficient, the guiding criteria of which are lightness, seasonality, territoriality, clearly mixed with fantasy and craftsmanship. These are the hallmarks of Made in Italy and I am honored to be able to speak about them and present them to an international audience, such as at the Venice International Film Festival.”

In addition to the Venice Film Festival, Tino Vettorello eventually participated, among other things, in the Berlin and Cannes Film Festivals, and also cooked at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Sochi, at the World Swimming Championships in Rome, at the World Fencing Championships in Catania, at the America’s Cup in Naples and Venice, becoming Ambassador to the World of Italian Cuisine and Venetian Traditionsthe role is recognized directly by Governor Luca Zaia.

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