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Chelsea Manning is back with bitcoin

Chelsea Manning is back with bitcoin

Friday, August 27, 2021

Chelsea Manning is back with bitcoin

Former soldier Chelsea Manning (1987), who was popular for leaking thousands of classified documents about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to WikiLeaks, is back. This time, he returned as a hacker at the startup Nym Technologies. As published by Forbes, in this company, the expert will help protect online privacy, by creating the next security technology based on Bitcoin. (GF)

Facebook will have its political commission

Facebook initiated contacts with academics and policy experts to form a commission to advise it on issues related to elections worldwide. The proposed body could decide on issues such as political ads and their viability and misinformation concerns. (SA)

Tik Tok is targeting crypto

The popular network of short videos will require influencers and those who promote the purchase of cryptocurrencies to disclose if they receive money in return, under penalty of being sanctioned. And while most told CNBC that their purposes are educational, several pointed out that in the last month several of their videos have been censored and that views have dropped since July. (ND)

Search for rural lots grew 20%

The pandemic changed the work modalities and prioritized the quality of life, therefore, Finca Raíz carried out a study of preferences in which it found that the search for rural lots in the first semester of this 2021 grew by 20%, compared to the same period 2020. In this sense, the company recommends verifying the history of the property, the certificates and the geographical conditions in which it is. (ACE)

They did not foresee second doses

The completion of vaccination schedules is held back by the lack of doses of Sinovac and Moderna, but the Government knew of this at least since August 11. As of that date, according to Minsalud resolutions, three million doses of Moderna were assigned only to the first application. So of the batch that the US donated, never enough were saved. For analysts, the lack of transparency is one of the barriers to the process. (LM)

Duque will go to the Asojuegos event

The Asojuegos companies are very happy with the accolade they received from Iván Duque (1976). The President confirmed his participation in the ‘star’ event held each year by this association, which brings together the firms of the game of luck and chance. His presence will be added to that of the Minister of Finance, who will install the session, so the companies are in love with the Government. (GF)

Advancement in the inclusion of women

According to a report from the 30% Club, which works to promote the inclusion of women in boards of directors and senior executive positions, after the last general assembly elections there was a “small, but significant increase” of 1.7 points percentage in female participation, which reached 18.7%. (LV)

Billionaire for air taxis

JoeBen Bevirt (1974), founder of Joby Aviation, appeared in this same section on August 12 when the news was that his company went public. Two weeks after the Wall Street foray, he is news again, but this time because he became the “first billionaire in air taxis” by reaching a fortune of US $ 1.08 billion for the capitalization of his company at US $ 6.8 billion. (VP)

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