“Chema’s Life Through a Medical Airplane”

José María Cid Álvarez, who has just turned 47 and is from Mérida in Extremadura, went first to Miami and then to work Traveled to Puerto Rico, where he suffered an acute myocardial infarction and was hospitalized for more than forty days. The situation put his health at risk and, according to his partner, there was no other solution than to fly to Spain on a medical plane.

We need that plane. Chema lived his whole life on that level of medicalization,” concludes Ana Heredia, who traveled with him and has been with him since the beginning. “In early June, we went to Miami, We were there for two weeks,” recalls the woman. We celebrated his birthday there on June 2. Chema, a laser repair technician, was in Miami to meet representatives of a multinational company working in Puerto Rico. Maintenance Technician, we were in Puerto Rico after 2 weeks in Miami. On the second day in Puerto Rico, the night of June 17-18, I found out that he had no pulse. I did CPR and called the ER .

Ana doesn’t remember the number to dial in this case, which is the North American equivalent of 112 in Spanish, but she’s reminded of an American movie (Puerto Rico is a free federal state, self-governing but dependent on the United States). “I called 911,” the Chema Cids continued, “and they came to help him, and from then on, it was tough.”

He traveled for work, where he suffered an acute myocardial infarction, with various complications ensuing

The Extremaduran’s health has been deteriorating since he was admitted to Federico Trila Hospital in the Carolinas, a 35-minute drive from the country’s capital, San Juan, with successive attacks causing varying degrees of illness. damage. Ana explained that she could not reveal all the data on her partner’s clinical condition due to confidentiality reasons, but she detailed that he had suffered an acute myocardial infarction and later developed a heart attack linked to multi-drug resistant bacteria that sometimes lived in operating theaters. pneumonia.

“His situation is absolutely critical,” concluded Heredia, also from an emeritus, who was knocking on every door he could, and on those who couldn’t get the medical planes he relied on to keep Chema alive. . He contacted Merida Mayor Antonio Rodriguez Osuna, and “through his mediation,” he said, “we managed to get the embassy to talk to us and the hospital.”

Emergency call

In addition, he addresses the Royal Family, the President of the Government or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation through social networks. He also spoke to the Spanish consulate in Puerto Rico and warned about the situation through the media.

Little has been done to help Chema, he said. “He’s only 47 years old, has been contributing to social security for over 24 years and needs help,” urges Ana Heredia. You need to return to Spain as soon as possible. First, so that they repeat all the tests in the hospital and get a specialty that is less developed in Puerto Rico. Then, receive treatment in a specific center for patients with neurological injuries ».

“I have no complaints about Federico Trila Hospital, which is doing everything possible and impossible for his health,” thanked the woman from Extremadura, who signed the contract with herself. Regretted that their insurance declined to pay any amount, claiming that one of the contract clauses exempted them from covering the high cost of hospitalization for retirees.

“Everything that happened after a heart attack was very difficult,” Ana Heredia concluded, explaining that her partner’s condition was so severe that nothing was done other than moving him from one bed to another. Consider other situations. In other words, from the plane where he lives in the hospital now to the medical plane where he guaranteed Chema Sid’s life through.

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