Cherry Cola Lips – the most viral lip makeup of the summer

It’s time for another beauty phrase. After make-up milkmakeup with a bronze effect, which dominates the summer, now it’s up to cherry cola lips take the make-up catwalk of the moment, but in the lip department.

The trend, it must be said, exploded tik tak in recent weeks, but he’s actually been disappearing on social media for months now. The name perfectly describes the fulcrum of the trend, i.e. lips that resemble color the famous cherry-flavoured carbonated drinkand which is recreated using color combinations red and brown, refused additional shiny textures. The perfect combination to create a kind of ombre effect, given by a darker lip contour, which then fades towards the center to sublime with a luscious finish. A trend that is different from the one started by Lip Smucker, who created lip balms for children (and kidults) with more and less classic Coke flavors for sale on Amazon, who conquered all the incurable pleasure of the drink with his delicious balms. most loved ever.

Faithful allies in its creation are brown lip pencils, red lipsticks or colored balms and glosses. “To recreate this look, apply a brown or nude lip liner that is a shade darker than your lips to define them and create subtle shadows at the corners for a plumper effect,” the makeup artist explains. India Excell To Vogue UK. “Then you apply red balm or gloss and get wet.”

As always there is no shortage interpretations AND personal rethinking that explode on TikTok to the sounds of video lessons learn to follow the trend. There are those among them who quote as inspiration Lana Del Reyremembering her cherry lips in her video Born to Diebut also kylie jenner, that a few months ago published a mini-video on his social networks, in which show those that only today they were baptized as cherry cola lips.

This instead of just a few days agoHow From Mary Phillips, makeup artist of the star, who, in the wake of the catchphrase, showed the steps and products for the implementation of this lip makeup on Instagram.

Specifically, Phillips uses: Lip Definer No. 5 by The beauty of Victoria Beckham, brown pencil to line lips with techniqueunderline; Tinted oil balm, nuance moving on From Kylie Cosmetics, a tinted balm that gives the lips a bright reddish-cherry hue; Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer by Fenty Beauty in nuance Hot chocolate for the final touch of light.

Below they are presented along with other products perfect for recreating the look.

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