Chiara Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve, mother and daughter, on the set of O Sole Mio

Chiara Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve

First take Monday, August 21 For Claire Mastroianni and his mother Catherine Deneuve together on set Oh my sun (working title), 15th live-action feature film Christoph Honoréwhich he presented at the last Turin Film Festival winter boy (Le Lisen2022), winner of the Best Actor Award Paul Kircher at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

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Claire Mastroiannidaughter of art, born from the relationship of the famous and the deceased Marcellus with a beautiful Catherine Deneuve and winner in 2019 of the Best Performer Award in the Un Certain Regard section for Lost Love Hotel Christophe Honoré, will star in the film with his mother, an iconic French actress (coming soon Bernadette).

Next to them too Fabrice Luchinilately an excellent translator Mon Crime – I’m the culprit Francois Ozon, Nicole Garcia (beautiful morning Mia Hansen-Löwe, 2022) Melville Puponominated for the 2020 César Award for Best Actor God blesssoon in the cinema, along with Johnny Depp, in Jeanne du Barry – favorite of the king Maiwenn was appreciated and soon at the Venice Film Festival in Coupe de Chance Woody Allen) and Benjamin Biolay (La Ligne – invisible line Ursula Meyer, 2022).

Oh my sunsynopsis

Written by the director, the script focuses on a character played by Chiara Mastroianni who, greatly oppressed by the figure of her father, decides to bring him back to life through herself. She calls herself Marcello, dresses like him, and asks to be considered an actor, not an actress. The people around her believe that this is a temporary joke, but Chiara is determined not to give up her new identity.

Produced Philip Martin AND David Tion For Les Films Pelléas , Oh my sun is a joint Italian-French production produced by Cinema France 2 and from the Italians bibi movie AND Lucky Red.

The eight-week shoot will last until October 13 To Paris and then Rome. Remy Chevrenin his eighth film with Honoré, he is a cinematographer.

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