Chica to make Warner debut with SAMSON: THE ALBUM

SAMSON this is the title of the group’s long-awaited debut album Chica, available from tonight on all streaming platforms. The project was ready last year, but disagreements with the label delayed its launch several times.

However, fans of the Alabama rapper now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in listening to her first official album, released today for Warner Records.

Stevie Wonder and Snoop Dogg are Chica’s guests in SAMSON: THE ALBUM!

The tracklist includes twenty tracks, among which you will find absolutely valuable collaborations. Chica really signed up Freddie Gibbs V Truth or Dare and Snoop Dogg AND Stevie Wonder which appear respectively in Interlude Unc AND Come here.

Stevie and Chica have been in a professional relationship for several years now. Michigan legend had to hear SAMSON The premiere took place a year ago, and in 2020 they worked together on a song Can’t leave it in the hands of fate.

The last single from the album was INSANE. Producers include Beyoncé’s longtime collaborator Derek Dixie, who provided Chica with a captivating soundtrack in which she could talk about her relationship with the media.

The artist has always used social media to express her opinions – quite honestly – often met with backlash. The track offers insight into this conflict that led the rapper to contemplate suicide (click HERE for full lyrics):

“I think maybe I’m too raw for this life, daydreaming that it’s darker at night / And then without taking off they throw me into fights and when I’m on my feet they drop the knife / Bad girl, really crazy girl at the bottom, make a sad girl take off her bag with no hope / And then I ask for a box and rope and hear applause, cough and choke”

SAMSON it will certainly allow us to get to know Chika better and deepen the creative and personal path we have traveled in recent years. From the very beginning, the rapper has established himself as one of the most original voices on the contemporary scene, with a mature artistic flair.

After waiting for the opinion of our editors, you can play SAMSON at the Spotify link below… enjoy listening!

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