Chicago Fire head coach compares Lionel Messi to Michael Jordan hours before clash with Inter Miami: The words had an impact

Chicago Fire head coach Frank Klopas compares Lionel Messi to Michael Jordan ahead of MLS game against Inter Miami

expectations aroused Lionel Messi as he arrives MLS The American influence is huge and its presence in every stadium is noticeable. He suffered a hamstring injury in his right leg and was almost unable to participate in this important duel. inter miami previously as a guest chicago fire The 36th round of the league is approaching on Wednesday, October 4, and this possible defeat has given hope to the opponents.

team windy city will be received at heron, they are looking to qualify for the playoffs and have less and less room for error.exist chicago They focus on what might happen to world champions and coaches fire, Frank Clopasand did not underestimate the damage capability that team equipment can produce. Tata Martino even though Messi He did not make the starting eleven.The coach compared the man from Rosario to a legend in world sports Michael Jordanwho is shining bulls A member of the NBA that has given Illinois teams only six championship rings.

“Inter Milan are still a very good team if Messi is not on the pitch. They made some really good additions in the second transfer window. This is evident in every game, in the way games are played and shared. Obviously, with Messi on the pitch, it’s a different team because you have a player who you can never take your eyes off, “With just one play, you can change the outcome of the game.”Klopas responded at a press conference ahead of the game, which will take place at the Estadio Argentino at 9:30pm. soldier field.

Then, Chicago’s coach compared Messi and JordanConsider that both athletes are considered the best in history, and each has their own specialty. “It’s like the Bulls. If Michael doesn’t play, they’re still a good team, but if Jordan is on the floor, they’re going to win eight games in a row. “Miami is a great team with great players, but if Messi comes on they have a player who can change the game at any time with a single game,” he clarified.

Lionel Messi in an Inter Miami jersey. The man from Rosario has already won a championship with Florida (Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports/File Photo)

Inter Miami has traveled to Chicago and Messi was not seen in the video uploaded by the Florida club, who was attending a commercial event for a restaurant chain at the DRV PNK Stadium on Monday. There were also no medical reports to indicate the captain’s possible absence. Martino, on the other hand, insists that Leao will be assessed on a daily basis to avoid taking risks while recovering from injury. “As far as Messi is concerned, what we have said in recent days. We’ll look at training, we’ll look at whether you’re at risk, we’ll assess whether you’re comfortable traveling.“, he outlined.

There are four games left in the Major League Soccer regular season. inter miami Still dreaming of reaching the resurrection zone of the playoffs, with 33 points, 4 points behind D.C. United and 5 points behind New York FC, the last to reach this privileged encouraging fact heron Both teams only have two games left, one of which they will have to face each other.

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