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Following the great success of the past two years with Pretty Woman and Sister Act the Musical, Stage Entertainment and Matteo Forte are pleased to announce the new production for 2023 is Chicago The Musical. The debut will debut on Thursday 5 October at the Chebanka National Theatre!

Matteo Forte: Market research, ‘me too’ and time explain our choices – “we decided to build chicago Matteo Forte, CEO of Stage Entertainment and director of the Milanese National and Lyric Theatres, explains – for three reasons, Firstmore relevant, the result is as usual market research We perform on our clients twice a year before choosing what to bring to the stage Chicago had the highest score,

second is related One of the underlying themes in the film and unfortunately recurring and very current and fully represented in the world of entertainment ‘me too’ movement, In other words, it is important for professional relationships in the entertainment sector to be transparent, clean, based on talent, merit and ability.

third and last reason And Season, The show was last staged 19 years ago (the 2004 edition with Luca Barbereschi), but, as market research confirms, the public wants to see it again.,

Strengthening familiarity thanks to stars like Stefania Rocca and Chiara Nochez ,And then – Strong Adds – with a conscientious note describing the show’s choice of heroes as unusual for stage entertainment. Unlike previous years, the market research results revealed a lower ‘familiarity’ (i.e. shown knowledge of the show’s ‘history’) of the public compared to previous productions, placing Chicago at number one in the rankings. In short, the public has little knowledge of the film and what it tells, and this is a fundamental factor in the selection of ticket purchases.

One way to effectively deal with this aspect was reinforce familiarity through the gods familiar faces to the general publicof stars, The audience recognized them in image and beauty, on the one hand similar to the extraordinary cast of the film and on the other hand, similar to the current and innovative status we want to give to Chicago.,

So we effectively searched for potential candidates and the choice fell on our extraordinary director Claire Noshese He, In addition to directing the show, she will also play Mama Morton. come on Stephanie RoccaAn actress of undeniable talent and stunning stage presence who will be one of those Velma Beautiful, sexy, mysterious and determined.

The choice of Stefania, who had already been approached for the show before COVID in 2019, was guided by various elements: the first is the role of Velma, which is strongly characterized by the actor’s dimension rather than singing or dancing. she is a great actress and experience Like her also able to sing and dance and production A element of absolute guarantee,

The second element, which, if possible, also consolidated and strengthened the first, and which Stage Entertainment itself touched for the first time during the production of the show ‘La Madre di Eva’, co-produced with Stefania, is represented by passion and From professionalism With whom the actress and director work. Last, but not least, is the enthusiasm shown towards the project and the desire to start a wider and more lasting cooperation with us,

Stefania Rocca: Music is a big challenge ,cinema, theatre, music, i always like to try my hand different styles – he adds Stephanie Rocca , He allow to an actress Interpreting the connection with the body and the desire to communicate with gaze and voice in a multifaceted way, Music is a test that brings all these elements together in an extreme and challenging way.

so, also for love of challengesAt some moments in my artistic career I feel an almost physical need to try my hand at this type of representation that allows me to move from stage movement and dramatic acting to dancing and singing. In the past I acted in ‘Irma la Dolce’ directed by Jerome Savary and then ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ by Kenneth Branagh.

and today I am happy to act in a musical film with a female director, With Chiara Noshese, who I have known and respect for many years, we met before COVID for Chicago and her idea impressed me a lot. Then everything got suspended due to Covid, but this suspension really inspired me to participate in music.

So, when the production approached me to confirm producing the show for the next season, I took singing and dancing lessons to be able to give the best possible audition, which obviously went well.,

,Ahead – Keep going Stephanie Rocca , Produced by Stage Entertainment, a serious and well structured company with whom I recently co-produced ‘La Madre Di Eva’. There History And drug addiction: Why talks about solidarity between women and women, Asserting female role and centrality in a society designed by men according to their measurements,

Heroes join in, driven by a desire to assert their rights, not passively endure blackmail and abuse. this is a message He In a surreal and sometimes impossible way, as is typical of music, gives courage To all the women out there who often don’t have the strength to react, take back their lives and make their dreams come true. Topics related to gender and inclusion are particularly close to me. And this was another strong incentive to work on this project.,

the women’s show is a good message ,I am also interested in the aspect of the desire to be seen, which is dominant in today’s society, especially in the social sphere. To appear, even for a moment, as if it were necessary to feel that you exist.

It is such a distinctive feature of the narcissism of our time that it is interesting to touch upon it in the manner which I have already defined as surrealistic for music. I’ll close – have concluded Stephanie Rocca – To say that a women’s show with a woman director is always a good message for an industry that is still far from gender equality! Thanks to Chiara and Matteo for making this possible. See you at the National Theater on 5 October for the premiere,

written by three writers par excellence John Kander (music), Fred Ebb (lyrics and libretto) And Bob Fosse (libretto, direction and choreography), one of the great classics of the Chicago musical. It is a show whose international fame has increased dramatically worldwide since the film’s release in 2002.Winner of 6 Academy Awards, director Rob Marshallwritten by bill condon and based and interpreted by renee zellweger, Catherine Zeta Jones, Richard Gere And John C. Reel,

thank you for a wonderful mix lots of jazz, Amazing songs and amazing choreography, Chicago is not only considered One of Broadway’s most famous musicals, but also one of the most famous and longest running,

After Broadway debut in 1996over 25 years it’s been Performed in 36 countries and was awarded 6 Tony Awards for ‘Best Direction’, ‘Best Choreography’ and ‘Best Revival of a Musical’., 2 Olivier Awards, a Grammy and thousands of standing ovations.

The background is the roaring metropolis of Illinois, a universe filled with stories, intrigue, a thirst for success, and the manipulation of public opinion by the media.


follows the story of the plot roxy hart, a nightclub singer who murders her lover when she learns he is about to leave her. After being convicted of his murder, she ends up in prison and plots to break out of prison by any means necessary.

Jailed during the Prohibition era, Roxy meets her idol Velma, also a murderer and jazz singer. both get along with the shrewd lawyer Billy Flynn And they plan to reclaim their freedom and fame in underground Chicago.

The unforgettable songs will transport viewers to 1920s Chicago. There will be moments of condemnation of the murky role of the media and the devaluation of justice, mocked as if it were a circus where even violence becomes entertainment.

director’s notes

,Chicago fits perfectly into an era like the present: an era in which being a coincidence and ending up on the front page of newspapers or going viral on the web seems a primary requirement… I imagine it will be violent, colourful, an explosion Events strong color, in a world that is like a circus, an excessive and outrageous circus, devoid of morals and full of intrigue, where notoriety explodes and more extreme crimes … mirror a grand Guignol of our times., Claire Noshese

the cast

Velma Kelly (Stefania Rocca); Roxy Hart (Julia Soule); Billy Flynn (Brian Boccuni); Amos Hart (Christian Ruiz); Mama Morton (Chiara Noshese); Mary Sunshine (Luca Giacomelli Ferrarini).

detachments Federica Basso, Camilla Esposito, Anna Foria, Lorissa Mullici, Vittoria Sardo, Carolina Sisto, Camilla Tappi, Pietro Mattarelli, Giovanni Abbracciovanto, Mattia Fazioli, Alfonso Maria Mottola, Kevin Pesci, Andrea Spata and Rafael Rudilloso

Swing Veronica Barchielli and Ilario Castagnola

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