Chicken and egg prices to normalize in September, says Midagri

Chicken and eggs are the foods that provide the most protein for Peruvians. (Andes)

In recent months, the number has increased chicken and egg in supply centers and markets; however, prices for these foods are expected to increase normalized in september Minister of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (Midagri) Nelly Paredes said this year, due to the increased availability of these products.

The Midagri boss assured that chicken prices will remain stable in the coming days. In addition, he explained that since bird flu is now under control, the price of birds, the most consumed by Peruvians, has increased.

Eggs imported from Brazil played a role, and eggs were even brought in, he added. “The idea is that the supply of eggs will be normalized each month until full stabilization is achieved, which will depend on many factors, but we hope everything will be normalized by September,” he told RPP. Said that this adjustment involves the price of chicken and eggs. Today, at supermarkets, you can buy 15 eggs for 11 or 14 soles, depending on the brand, while chopped chicken offal costs an average of S$11.50 a kilo.

Chicken prices will drop in the coming months. (Andes)

Economist Jorge González Izquierdo said Lima was a city “polluted” by inflation, as the price of the bird greatly affects the value of money in the economy. other prices.

“when (price of chicken) rise, inflation rises. According to the INEI, chicken prices fell more than 16% in June and have not recovered to previous levels, but this has helped,” he told Latina.

In addition, he mentioned that with the decline in gross domestic product (GDP) in May (-1.43%), the worst result for 2023, other experts spoke of a possible recession, interpreted as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth.

“It’s been more than 20 years since we’ve talked about the possibility of a recession combined with high inflation (so-called stagflation). Monthly data. If the result is negative, then it’s achieved,” he said.

He also mentioned that the country had no inflation problems from 2002 to 2020. “Strong uptick in 2021, bigger uptick in 2022 due to factors like the Covid-19 pandemic, the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the political situation. It creates destabilization for dollar appreciation,” he said.

minister midagriOn another occasion, he explained that the increase in onion prices was linked to a temporary “slump in production”, with onion production expected to return to normal in August this year.

Nellie Paredes also mentioned strikes in some sectors fist Protests against the government’s killing of civilians in the first months of the year. The minister assured that she is working hard in this area.

“We are restarting agriculture, every week we are with the municipality, the unions, even training. We met with the mayor and the governor, and we respect the peaceful marches that are taking place in Puno,” he said.

He said the responsibility to “remain calm” rested with the Ministry of the Interior, noting that the responsible minister would respect human life by order of the president. Dina Boruart.

Merchants in the Lima Grand Wholesale Market will start an indefinite strike with the support of other supply centers starting August 3. The measure was taken in protest of EMMSA’s increase in rates for light vehicles and trucks on July 15 during López Aliaga’s administration. Video: Paula Elizalde/Infobae.

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