’Chicken’ Veliz reiterates that he advised Cristiano Ronaldo: “I don’t know if you remember, many years passed” | Football


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Agence France-Presse

He returned to confirm that helped Cristiano Ronaldo. The coach and exfutbolista chileno Leonardo Veliz, recalled his days in Portugal where, among other things, claims to have advised to CR7 in his early days.

Veliz, who got the third place with La Roja in the World cup Sub17 1993, he was working in the youth ranks at Sporting Lisbon between 1998 and 2000, where, he says, he shared with the crack luso.

“Christian Surprised everyone in his class that was a child. There was another in a higher category, Quaresma, and I think it is in Turkey. There was another guy that was Fabio, an lumbera, a star, who was 11-10 years, and said they were to see him to the press”, recalled in a dialogue with RedGol.

To be consulted if maintains communication with Christian, Véliz, he said no. “About CR7 I don’t know if it will be bad of me, but I make friends of that nature and I do not make any attempt to follow them, back to communicate and none of that”.

“I went with the Sub17, came out of my patrol and went to their lives. Out there agree, but it flew on its own. I was a friend of Marcelo Bielsa at Newell’s, and I stayed with him, and after never again with Marcelo”, complemented.

In fact, Véliz revealed that he was in Europe last year, precisely in Italy, but he chose not to attempt a visit to the Portuguese. “I was in Florence, I did not have the desires to converse with the Thumb, I do not located, and was a four-hour talk with a Christian.”

“I was with my lady and I met other parties that the football is not allowed me to. Not if you agree, maybe yes, maybe no, it has been so long, 2000, 1998, have passed… a lot of water under the bridge to remember the advice of a coach to take a good way”, he said.

Finally, Leonardo Véliz clarified that he never attributed this splendid Christian. “In this one should be just right. I say that no one can be attributed to the discovery of a talent, can identify and develop”.