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this Vaccination It may represent the fear of many boys and girls, however, for their health, it is the responsibility of parents not to neglect them in this regard. According to data from a survey by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), the proportion of boys and girls under 36 months of age who are fully vaccinated has dropped significantly, so a number of factors must be taken into account. Advise them not to see it as an aspect of the trauma.

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Over the past three years, the world has lost more than a decade of progress in childhood immunization, largely due to constraints caused by Covid-19 and its impact on health systems, UNICEF said. So to reverse this we are doing vaccination campaigns at the national level so that parents can immunize their children against 28 preventable diseases such as Hepatitis B Diphtheria Tetanus Cough Pertussis Pneumonia Meningitis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, etc.

Vaccines have successfully reduced mortality from many diseases. But people should not let their guard down. According to the latest data from UNICEF, “a gradual decline in pneumococcal vaccine coverage can be observed, with nearly 160,000 boys and girls not adequately vaccinated by the age of 12 months. risk of fatal disease.”

The goal is to protect more than 2 million children under the age of five.

Pediatrician Adriana Tejerina comments: “Another example is meningococcal meningitis, a disease that kills 70-90% of children. This figure has been reduced to 15-20% thanks to vaccination. Furthermore, vaccination It can also reduce the possibility of neurological sequelae such as deafness.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lara Mustapic, a medical scientist in Jalan, Peru, noted: “As a parent, you always want the best for your child and seek to protect him, for example, from being used in a car.” Baby seat, protection of stairs, plugs, shelter for him in times of danger. cold, etc. But one of the most important and easiest care for their health is to help boost their immune system through vaccinations.

How can I prepare my child for vaccinations?

Vaccinations don’t have to be traumatic for kids if respectful strategies are adopted from an early age. Respect for children is a right, empathy is an obligation. For example, based on age, Distractors such as balloons and bubbles can be used; as well as providing a comfortable and safe position.

Depending on the age of the child, tell them that they will be vaccinated and explain why and why it is important. Avoid lying to them about the pain of the piercingInstead, explain to them that this discomfort will be temporary but will benefit their development.

If your child develops Slight fever or general malaise, do not panic, this is a common phenomenon. In this case, to relieve his symptoms, you can give him pain relievers such as Panadol Pediatric. Dosage will vary based on the minor’s weight and must be precise. In addition, if a fever occurs, it is recommended to wear light clothes, keep the room cool, and give him a warm bath, which will help reduce the fever.

It should be noted that vaccinations produce antibodies (defenses) that protect against infectious diseases. Go to the nearest medical facility, if you miss a dose you can still make it up. No need to restart calendars, just keep working on pending calendars.

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