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Producer Dexter wants another season. Clyde Phillips, the man behind the last and first 4 seasons dexterity, he wants everyone to know that he is extremely available to make at least one more. After the last episode of New Blood, the 10-episode miniseries released last year to fix the disappointing 9-year-old finale of the series, aired this week, Phillips toured the press with a major message:

He would be more than happy to continue if Showtime, the American television that produced and broadcast the series, wants that. In an interview with Collider, he said he would give up all his other projects to produce a new season. dexterity. “It simply came to our notice then. But if he called me to say, ‘Look, this is a huge asset to Showtine,’ I think, and I emphasize the word, I think, dexterity it is their main asset, “he said.

“It would be the same as when they called me and said ‘we want to do it again dexterity and you’re the guy we want ‘, I’d give up everything to do that.’ A new season al dexterity it would be quite problematic, however, given the way it ended New Blood But Phillips says he already has an idea of ​​how it could be continued. I don’t want to spoil it in case you haven’t seen the ending yet, but the producer sees a new season revolving around Harrison.

“Red Notice” will have two sequels. Deadline has revealed for the first time that the robbery movie broadcast by Netflix will have not one, but two titles to follow. Moreover, it seems that stars Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot have already been co-opted for the two projects, as is Rawson writer-director Marshall Thurber, who is already working on the screenplay.

Although the American streaming giant is keeping the project a secret for the time being, it seems that Netflix intends to add other big names from Hollywood to the distribution, hoping to make Red Notice a franchise in style Ocean’s Eleven. For those who haven’t seen the film, Dwayne Johnson plays a more unusual role for him (I would say), that of an FBI forensic psychologist who helps the interpol catch Nolan Booth, a well-known art thief played by Reynolds.

But the two are forced to cooperate after Bishop, Nolan’s rival played by Gal Gadot, appears. It’s not a very original story and the critics weren’t enthusiastic about the film, not to mention that they came across it. But Red Notice it quickly became Netflix’s most-watched movie of all time, a position it maintained even after the release of the controversial Don’t Look Up.

A $ 3.5 million spike with Pokemon cards. Controversial American vlogger and actor Logan Paul has sparked heated debate in Pokemon enthusiast circles (and beyond) after revealing in early December last year that he bought rare Pokemon cards for a whopping $ 3.5 million, according to IGN.

Paul, a keen collector of Pokemon cards who owns, among other things, a $ 150,000 Charizard card, announced that he had purchased a “sealed and authenticated” first-edition card box that might contain rare cards worth a small fortune. . But experts have begun to speculate that the vlogger has taken a colossal stake, after noticing that this box does not look like any similar one sold in the past.

The vlogger, in turn, began to become suspicious of his purchase after the collector from whom he bought the cards changed his story about how he came into possession of them, initially reporting that they were sold at least 3 times in last. Paul posted a new video on Thursday entitled “I Lost $ 3,500,000 on Fake Pokemon Cards,” which I don’t think deserves further comment.

The horses used by medieval knights were no bigger than a pony. In the movies Lord of the Rings Aragorn and the other heroes rode horses that towered above those they fought with, and even in fairy tale stories, the horses of medieval knights inspire admiration and horror in the hearts of their opponents.

But according to a new study published in the International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, the horses used for war in the Middle Ages were much more modest animals. By modern standards, medieval warhorses were no bigger than a pony.

The study, the largest to date, was conducted by 5 British universities that examined the bones of nearly 2,000 horses from 171 different archaeological sites, dating from the 4th-17th centuries.

“The war horse plays a central role in our understanding of medieval English society and culture, both as a symbol of the status closely associated with the development of the aristocratic blanket and as a weapon of war famous for its mobility and shock value,” said Oliver Creighton, a archaeologist at the University of Exeter and coordinator of the study.

Their work revealed that most medieval horses, including those used for war, were on average no larger than 14.2 hands (one of those units used only in the Anglo-Saxon world), the equivalent of one meter and 44 centimeters, from the ground to the shoulder blades.

One of the largest medieval horses discovered had 15 hands, a meter and 52 centimeters, a size that would now be considered that of a small horse for riding. By comparison, some of the largest modern horses have a size of 1.72-1.93 meters.

Alan Outram, another archaeologist at the University of Exeter and co-author of the study, also offers an explanation for the discovery because, after all, we all know the impressive (and heavy) armor that knights wore in the Middle Ages: it seems they chose their horses Depending on the temperament and physical traits required in the fight, muscle mass is more important than height, reports Smithsonian Magazine.

I will never be able to watch historical films with the same eyes again (PHOTO: United Archives / Impress / Profimedia Images)

Mark Ruffalo and Hugh Laurie will star in a new Netflix miniseries. Ruffalo and Laurie were co-opted for the cast All The Light We Cannot See, an adaptation of the book of the same name by the American author Anthony Doerr. They joined newcomer actress Aria Mia Loberti, who will play the lead role of Marie-Laure, a blind teenager forced to flee Paris with her father after the Nazis occupied the city in the summer of 1940.

Ruffalo will play Daniel LeBlanc, Marie-Laurie’s father and the main locksmith at the Natural History Museum in Paris, a man determined to give his daughter as much independence as possible while trying to protect her and her secrecy. which the two carry with them, an extremely precious gemstone.

Laurie will play the role of Etienne LeBlanc, an eccentric World War I hero suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and isolated from the world. The book “All The Light We Cannot See” was published in 2014 and won both the Pulitzer Prize and the Andrew Carnegie Medal for fiction, being on the New York Times bestseller list for 200 weeks, according to Variety magazine. .

We don’t have a release date for “All the Light We Cannot See” yet (PHOTO: Facebook / Deadline)

“God of War”, now also available on PC. God of War, the 2018 remake of the title of the same name released in 2005 and one of the best games released in recent years, was ported to be played on PC and officially released on Friday, December 14th. Sony first confirmed the project in a post on the PlayStation blog in October last year, announcing that:

“Our main goal in bringing God of War to the PC was to highlight the exceptional content created by our team and use the powerful hardware that this platform offers to create a high-performance version of the game that cuts the breath of the players ”.

Sony’s current strategy is to launch its PlayStation-only games before porting them to the PC some time after their release, a business model that has drawn criticism from both gamers and Xbox rivals, according to IGN. . From what I’ve read on gaming sites, porting seems to be a hit and you can see what the PC version of God of War in the trailer below.

Children could have more biological parents in just a few decades. Having only two parents could be a thing of the past in the not too distant future, with the evolution of genetic editing technology making it possible for a child to have more than two biological parents. Or at least that’s what Amy Webb, a futurist who recently founded a company, says.

The futurist and CEO of the Future Today Institute spoke in an interview this week with reporters at The Washington Post about how the evolution of science could dramatically change the way humanity reproduces. Using the CRISPR genetic editing technique, it would be theoretically possible to create a child with the genetic traits of several people.

This technology could also make it possible for people to have children later in life. Webb explains: “In my 40s, I think we might have more than one parent for one child or for a person who has turned 70 and his or her 60-year-old partner to decide to have a child. We are talking about a technology that gives us the opportunity to be more selective and to design life intentionally ”.

She adds: “Perhaps this will mean that a person will use their own genetic material to carry an embryo to term; may give you the ability to select traits from more than two parents. We don’t know what it will look like but I think the possibilities can be very good. All these things mean options. “

Going back to the present day, CRISPR is a relatively new technology that can be used to edit genes with greater accuracy than was previously possible. It has medical applications with the potential to change the world, but it also raises huge ethical issues. China has already launched an investigation into the appearance of the world’s first genetically engineered babies 4 years ago.

Webb admits that the technology is worrying, but argues that its benefits will outweigh the downsides, at least in the short term. “All roads in this way lead to eugenics,” she jokes. “It simply came to our notice then Gattaca with nations that can intentionally project their populations ”.

“We have to admit the geopolitical advantages that some countries might try to gain by increasing the intelligence or physical traits of their populations. But the thought of making the task easier for people who really want to become parents is something we should all embrace, ”she says.

Sounds like a kind of “not really Gattaca, but something to please everyone” (PHOTO: Video capture / Columbia Pictures)

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