Chile: Boric leads the polls, while Kast tries to counterattack without success | Heading into the second round on December 19

From Santiago

“Do not trust.” This is commented within the campaign team of Gabriel boric, the candidate of the new left Chilean that according to the latest surveys would easily exceed to the extreme right José Antonio Kast in the second round scheduled for this December 19.

Although local analysts insist that in Chile never a candidate with the second majority, as in the case of Boric (25.83%), has managed to displace the first partial majority that Kast obtained in this first round (27.91%) Surveys like Tu Influyes give the former student leader 47% compared to 34%, while Criteria forecast 54% and CADEM gives him 40% compared to 35% for Kast.

Good results that have strengthened the left-wing candidate’s strategy of appearing in public spaces, visit the north and south of the country (where he did not obtain majorities) and try to win votes pointing to the “center” political, since the left sectors are already convinced. Something that is even appreciated in its aesthetics: jacket, shirt, glasses and well-groomed; generally with a folder of papers in hand, projecting an image of a young statesman.

But there are also some more or less notorious twists in his speech, for example, on issues such as the pardon to the prisoners of the Social Outbreak of October 2019 where, after agreeing, he has qualified: a person who burned down a church, an SME or who looted a supermarket ”; the same with his initial idea of ​​refounding the Carabineros: “It is not enough to say we are going to reform the police, we have to improve security in the neighborhoods.”

This same change in strategic perspective has made him change positions vis-à-vis the former Concertación parties – so criticized by the Broad Front – which are now supporting him as is the case with the Christian Democrats. “I would like to start recognizing in DC a party that has been the protagonist of moments of great importance for the history of our Chile.”

The “Bad boys”

But no statistic is very conclusive to understand the Chilean process, just think about the emergence of economist Franco Parisi who obtained a third place, with 12.80% (almost 900,000 voters), displacing the official and center-left candidates, Sebastián Sichel and Yasna Provoste, respectively.

It is precisely he who invited both candidates to participate – separately – in a digital “meeting” on his internet space “Bad Boys” for their voters to decide for themselves. Both accepted, in a move that can be poorly evaluated by the female vote, considering that Parisi did not physically campaign in the country since he is in the United States, avoiding a detention order for non-payment of food quota.

Many fear that it could be a trap, considering the style of the candidate and his followers against politics and supposedly in favor of the ordinary citizen. Even the channel La Red, which has been noted for its news hits, reported that there is a “secret” agreement between Kast and the economist to publicly deliver support at some point, something that Parisi has denied.

The gender in dispute

The gender issue has been relevant in these Chilean elections, forcing Kast to moderate his speech where he spoke of closing the Ministry of Women, even asking for forgiveness in a meeting at Cerro Santa Lucía, precisely where there is a gigantic statue of the Virgin Mary. Boric, on the other hand, introduced his new campaign manager, Izkia Siches, who resigned as president of the Medical College, taking advantage of her charisma and communicational management that has led her to be considered by the magazine Time on the list of the 100 emerging leaders, with a text by former president Michelle Bachelet. Together they have toured communes in Santiago and cities in northern Chile with a large number of adherents who even give Boric gifts and take selfies.

One possible theory is that Chileans, already used to the second rounds, have preferred to save energy to go out to vote only once with the two candidates already defined. But it can also be due to the totally different visions of both projects. While Boric seeks to reorganize the economy towards greater equity and prioritizing technology, Kast seeks to maintain the neoliberal model, with a little trick that President Sebastián Piñera has used ad nauseam: convincing Chileans that they can be entrepreneurs and owners of SMEs, although the pandemic has shown otherwise. The same occurs with the issue of gender, human rights, environment or culture where Boric’s progressivism collides with Kast’s conservatism.

Kast in the USA

Inexplicably, the far-right candidate traveled to the United States this week. Nobody knows very well what, although the official vision of his command is to show the virtues of his program before the international community. It is said that they met Parisi in person, but publicly, only meetings with Republican leaders and an interview for CNN en Español were made official where he accused Boric of following the orders of the Communist Party – with whom he is part of the conglomerate Approve Dignity together with the Broad Front, which emerged after the student protests of 2011 – taking advantage of the editorial anticommunism of the news network.

What’s more: the host Andrés Oppenheimer attacked Boric for not agreeing to go to his program, mispronouncing his last name and visibly obfuscated: “I would have liked to ask him how he would do if he wins so that the support he received and is receiving from the Communist Party in Chile it doesn’t scare away investments, more capital flight, more poverty ”.

Although the pressure from the economic right – Chilean and international – is inevitable, Boric has barely chosen to mention Kast, also taking advantage of the fact that he has visible support both on the street and on social media, which is somewhat reminiscent of the 1988 plebiscite where the The right wing played it out of fear, while the option of “No” (to Pinochet) used hope, humor and creativity. Something that can be seen from this Sunday when the television strip begins (and by law they will stop broadcasting polls) appealing to that Chilean who has not yet decided which project to support.

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