Chilling story of journalist Guillermo Barrios after overcoming health issues: ‘I’m dead’

Guillermo Barrios’ Chilling Story After Overcoming Health Issues: ‘I’m Dead’ (Video: ‘Afternoon’, USA)

Guillermo Barrios When he was hospitalized at the Finocetto Nursing Home in critical condition a few weeks ago, he was horrified by the health conditions he was going through. On July 13, the reporter was rushed to the hospital due to a fever, and has been under the supervision of professionals. In the past few days, bilateral pneumonia was detected. He was sedated and intubated and recovered gradually.

Wednesday, in a note he submitted afternoon think saw the light And his late father and friends, before he awoke from his coma.he did it for hospitalization Luis Ventura – a panelist for the cycle -, underwent a series of medical controls and had to undergo surgery. In this context, the reporter collapsed when describing his experience in the hospital. “I have bilateral pneumonia. Sorry this is a very fragile topic… On July 15th I had 3 heart attacks. I almost died, I had a bad time. That’s why I emphasize health issues.After going to the other side, hospitalization was as complicated as my case because i’m really on the other sideIt’s like it changes all your priorities. You look at life differently,” said Barrios, who was released from the hospital on Aug. 8 after nearly a month of fighting for his life.

“You have a second chance. That’s why I cherish whatever happens in my life as if it were a miracle, because It’s a miracle to be here’, the reporter continued, and thanked him for the prayer chain he started during his hospitalization.”It was all so unexpected that no one saw it coming.not even me. I went into my back pain the thursday before that saturday, i got into some fever lines, the same day i started throwing up and had a lot of back pain. That’s why my partner insisted: ‘Let’s go to Finoquito,'” Barrios said.

Guillermo Barrios (Instagram)

In this case, the professionals gave him morphine because the drugs they were trying to treat his condition were not working. “I woke up in the ICU, in an induced coma, and the first thing I did was tear off the ventilator,” recalled the reporter, who told his partner to contact their doctor when he said he had a second heart attack. When he was a doctor, he was very moved. Relatives, because they didn’t get their hopes up, said goodbye to them.

“The most important thing is health. I learned it from prepo at 45. And first of all to live again, which is a state of constant gratitude. It was a very traumatic experience. sometimes it happens to me I close my eyes to the night, I’m afraid I won’t wake up’, Guillermo Barrios continued tearfully.

He then recounted his experience before waking up in a nursing home. “I’m not a person of faith, I don’t really believe in what I can’t see. On Tuesday, I saw myself in a place that wasn’t a tunnel. It’s a white place, like when you’re exposed to light, like a spotlight, everything is very clear and very bright.. Well, I saw my old man with whom I had a very strained and very ugly relationship. He died during the pandemic, and the pandemic suddenly went away, and I couldn’t fire him, which made me who I am. ” Barrios said, and gave a thumbs up.

He was moved, continuing: “I put my thumb up and then I saw a friend who had committed suicide. I saw him radiant and radiant and he made this gesture (back) to me. It was ‘I move on’. Suddenly I heard Ramiro’s voice and I lived from there.there i opened my eyes“.

Guillermo Barrios with his partner on the day he was discharged from the Finocetto Sanatorium (RS Photos)

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