China “ejects” a vessel of U.S. “territorial waters”


Beijing denounces the actions “provocative,” Washington “violated seriously,” the international law, as well as “the interests of the sovereignty and security of China”.

The people’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) has “thrown out” this Tuesday, a vessel of war american who “invaded their territorial waters” in front of the disputed Xisha islands (islands Paracelsus), in the South China sea. So I denounced Li Huamin, a military spokesman to the chinese urged Washington to “focus on the prevention and control of covid-19” at home and contribute more to the international fight against the pandemic, rather than to destabilize “the peace and safety regional”, collects the Global Times.

eronaves and naval forces in china, sent to escort the destroyer, guided missile american USS Barry, “followed, and monitored their course, identified the ship, he launched a warning and expelled him”, explained Li, a spokesman of the Command of the Theatre of Operations South of the chinese Army. As he explained, the actions of the U.S. might be caused easily in an accident.

The actions “provocative,” US “violated seriously the international law and related standards”, as well as “the interests of the sovereignty and security of China,” in addition to “increase intentionally the risks of regional security,” stressed Li.

The spokesman warned that the chinese expeditionary forces will meet resolutely to their duty, shall safeguard the sovereignty and national security, as well as peace and stability in the South China sea.

“Warning to Washington”

An expert chinese military who wanted to remain anonymous said in a statement to the Global Times that, even in the midst of multiple outbreaks of covid-19 within its Army, the US is “anxious” to prove that he still has the military capacity, but the last incident “has exposed even more,” his fear that he is losing presence in the region.

Meanwhile, Beijing was ready to defend himself against the taunts U.S. military and even “at its best”, and expel a destroyer, “is a warning” to Washington, which shows that the chinese Army “is capable of and is determined to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the expert pointed out.

Area of dispute

Earlier this week, the USS Barry sailed through the nearby strait of Taiwan in their second “transit of routine,” in a month, followed closely by an aircraft carrier chinese on both occasions.

The u.s. warships regularly ‘patrol’ the Strait, as well as the seas of the South China and East China, citing the need to protect the “freedom of navigation”, aunquqe Beijing has criticized repeatedly, these operations as a violation of its sovereignty.

The islands Paracelsus is located 230 kilometers to the south of China, which, since 1974, handled this archipelago. However, Vietnam also claim their rights over the islands, which generates a constant tension in the region.

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