China lied about the real advancement of COVID-19: CIA


Officials in Wuhan, and China, where it allegedly originated the new coronavirus, lied about the rates of infection, testing, and number of deaths, “fearful that if they report, they will lose their position or worse,”said the american Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

According to a report quoted by the local media this Friday, the CIA warned from early February to the White House Beijing underestimated greatly their numbers and not to be trusted in the same to make predictive models in the battle of the COVID-19.

Up to now, and according to sources of the New York Times, intelligence officials have not been able to obtain precise numbers through their “collection efforts”, despite the request of the u.s. government to “prioritize the collection of information” on China.

Bloomberg News first reported the report of the agency about the hard data inaccurate thrown by the chinese authorities. Even asia media have said that the count of deaths , in only Wuhan, could be five thousand or more, that is to say, the double of the official number.

The own counsel of u.s. national security, Robert C. Or ‘brien, has avoided talking about the report of the CIAto say that Washington was “not in condition” to confirm them, although he noted that the numbers of chinese have been questioned.

After china’s diplomats speculated that the coronavirus originated in a laboratory of the Army of the united States and other theories, the us president, Donald Trump retaliated by referring to the disease as “virus chinese”.

However, after a phone call last week between the u.s. executive and his chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, the voices and rumours have been dimmed, says The New York Times.

“The numbers seem to be a little lighter, and I’m being kind when I say that, in relation to what we witnessed and what was reported, but we discussed it with him…I am Not a counter of China,” said Trump.

This diplomatic dispute around the pandemic could be just another episode in the midst of the tensions that have sustained in recent months by reaching out to major trade agreements between both nations, as well as the global competition by establishing the necessary infrastructure for the Network of the Fifth Generation (5G), which this year was planned to be extended.



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