China recorded a slight upturn of cases of COVID-19


New infections of coronavirus rebounded in China on Saturday to reach the 30 cases, of which 25 were detected in people coming from the outside, while there were three new deaths, reported today the National Commission of Health.

The five cases of the infection at the local level were registered in the southern province of Canton, and the deaths were all in the province of Hubei, focus of the pandemic.

The previous day had been accounted for 19 new cases in the whole country, of which 18 were “imported”.

The Friday announced 29 cases who came from abroad and the Thursday 35, like the Wednesday.

Until midnight of Saturday, there were 11 new suspected cases coming from abroad, while 213 patients were discharged and 36 people ceased to be serious.

The total number of cases “imported” registered in the country rises 913, of which 216 have been given already high, and none of them have died.

The number of confirmed cases in China rises to 81 thousand 669, of which 76 thousand 964 have been discharged and three thousand and 329 have died.

In Hubei it was not recorded any new case, even though only three new deaths, all of them in the capital Wuhan.



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