China, The Staircase Had Fallen Down


VIVA – China had fallen down the stairs. A Corona-Virus, the bamboo have already-curtain country is now in the suspicion, information hiding like a plague on the internet.

The cause of some of the most popular applications in Central China in the point of view, because of the do sensor against the keywords Corona-Virus or Covid-19.

The spread of outbreaks of this virus occur, as in China, but very little can be found about this on social media.

Quoted from the Website U-BahnThursday, 5. March, 2020, researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada, claims that the messaging app WeChat, and to do streaming platform YY compact.

They conducted the research by Citizen Lab, a group to create WeChat. Its members consists of three accounts, one in Canada and two in China.

The conversation contains articles and texts in connection with the corona virus. Then find the account in China, the sensor is exposed.

In January 2019, there are 132 combinations of keywords that included in the black list, and rose to 516 in the next month. JJ said, you can increase the censored, the number of search terms.

Some of the key words or phrases included in the black list contain facts about Covid-19 and Li Ruifeng, a doctor who warns that the virus and died in February 2020.

“The combination of the keyword contains text in simplified Chinese and the traditional. We translate any combination of key words in English, and on the basis of the interpretation in the context of the underlying, to be declared a group in the category of content,” the researchers.

The combination of keywords in the sensor covers a range of topics, including a discussion about the reaction of the leader of the center against the plague, the policy of the government, over the handling of the corona-virus outbreak response in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, information and facts about this disease and Li Ruifeng.

“Our results show that the information COVID-19 strictly controlled in social media. The Sensor starts, since the early stages of the outbreak and the development of the blocking of the speech and criticism of the government, the facts and official information,” he said.

They came to the conclusion that the social media companies in China, pressure on the government because of the events of this sensitive. Although not yet know the specifics, but the research has shown that the company received the official instructions since the beginning of December 2019, if the spread is initially in the publication.

“The day after Li Ruifeng and other medical professionals the public about this outbreak, YY is started, the sensor-information on the platform,” he said.