Chiquis Rivera and Jennifer López two divas of very similar beauty with their new look

And it seems that Chiquis’s separation with Lorenzo has done her good because she looks thinner and now she boasts an hourglass figure

The famous Univision fashionista Jomari Goyso shared a photograph where Chiquis Rivera and Jennifer López appear wearing a very similar look that showed that both Latin divas have a lot in common and a fairly similar beauty.

They both have straight blonde hair. And both JLo and Chiquis wear two suits with long and deep necklines that do not hide the absence of a bra, but neither of them has fallen in showing too much and at the same time they look very elegant.

It should be noted that it seems that the separation with Lorenzo Méndez has also suited Chiquis Rivera, at least on a physical level, since she looks even thinner. Her waist looks narrower and now she does sport a body very similar to that of an hourglass.


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