Chiquis Rivera Causes a Great Uproar by Raising the Top to Show Off Her New ‘Shakira’ Waist

Chiquis RIvera.

The singer and businesswoman with great emotion has shared her new great achievement and did not hesitate to show off her new figure with her fans and even imitated the Colombian Shakira with her hip movements

Chiquis Rivera’s enormous uproar has caused a story that she shared on social networks where she is very proud to show off her new waist that with many hours of gym and effort she has managed to obtain.

The famous singer has taken her Instagram account to share a great change she has achieved in her body, since leading a healthy life and all her effort in the gym has paid off by showing herself wearing a flat abdomen and a more marked waist.

In a video that the daughter of the Diva of the Banda Jenni Rivera uploaded to her stories, she was seen without a drop of makeup and very excited to share with her millions of followers that with effort and perseverance there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

With her natural look, Chiquis is shown wearing her raised black top and leggings below the belly, enhancing the view that she has managed to lower some sizes and her figure has changed, allowing herself to be seen much thinner than even out of emotion she did not hesitate to celebrate by imitating the hip movements of the famous Colombian singer Shakira.


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According to the same interpreter of ” Me Vale “, her new silhouette is due to the fact that in the morning she drinks water with lemon, which has helped her reduce the belly area.

A new “Chiquis” renewed

Since she was very young, the singer’s life has been in the spotlight, having to overcome countless controversies and tumultuous love relationships, which is why for a few months she has been working to renew herself spiritually.

After her scandalous divorce from the singer Lorenzo Méndez, Rivera has sought a way to reinvent herself by showing herself more confident and with greater maturity both in her professional and personal life.

And without a doubt, she is achieving it because every time she can be seen in her publications showing off her curves without fear of what they will say, which has made her great support of thousands of women who have been able to overcome their insecurities thanks to her It shows as it is without being defeated by the many rumors that surround it.


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