Chiusa di Paesio prepares for the 16th edition of the Academy in Valle –

Central meeting room of Piazza Cavour pace lockThe 16th edition of the Academy at Vale is about to shine a spotlight on quality live music.

Three awaited appointments, with free admission, are included in the programming of the Contaminazioni Festival 2023, organized by the Municipality of Chiesa di Paesio, the Musicians ed Estamporenia Association, with the artistic direction of Maestro Angelo Vinai. This initiative is supported by the CRT Foundation, Fondazione. CRC and BCC by Pianfei and Rocca de’ Baldi.

Mishkale Klezmer Gypsy Music

July 28 | 21:15 | Piazza Cavour

It recreates the atmosphere of gypsy parties, enthralled by soulful klezmer tunes and engages the audience with the rhythms of Eastern European dances and engaging stories from the Jewish village of Shettel with all the characters. One of the first Italian groups to dedicate itself with fifteen years of activity to the sounds coming from Eastern Europe. It resembles a typical traveling orchestra (kappelli), with seven musicians playing heady, poignant, swirling music. With distinctive melodies and rhythms, the group brings chaos wherever they go, using a rich repertoire of musical pieces of Klezmer, Yiddish and Gypsy origins, emerging from the rich traditions of peoples who have lived together in the countries of Europe for centuries. Live The former, the protagonist of the spectacular cross contamination. The atmosphere created in music concerts is full of intensity and vibrancy, engaging for the audience. Out of the box and cliché, the group moves between sounds and styles with the cheerful freedom of “nomadic musicians”, who in a continuous game seek only to create an eclectic, open and curious music, without boundaries and limits of any kind. Follows your inspiration. edge of the unexpected.

Free admission with reservation recommended at Valle Pacio Tourist Office: 0171734990 (Tuesday to Saturday 9:30-12 and 15:30-17:30; Sunday 9:30-12:30 and 15-18)

Lou Tepes De Andre Sings

August 6 | 21:15 | Piazza Cavour

“Lou Tapage Sings de André” is not a simple concert, but an encounter with the author and the world hidden behind the lyrics and characters of his songs. The lights are off in the hall and the curtain is still closed, when a familiar voice tells the story of a girl who arrives by train at the station of Sant’Lario, a small provincial town. The young woman is known as Bocca di Rosa, while the familiar voice addressing the public is that of Fabrizio De Andre. , If it weren’t for the fact that 24 years had passed since his disappearance, one could almost believe that he was still there, behind the scenes. Ready – despite his well-known reluctance – to start concerts. Lou Tepes is playing on stage, but De André’s voice will be with us throughout the concert, thanks to videos, interviews and a repertoire of concerts, some particularly rare and lesser known. In this show, the Piedmontese band Lu Tepes retraces Fabrizio’s journey through his songs.

Free admission with reservation recommended at the Valle Pacio Tourist Office: 0171734990 (Tuesday to Saturday 9:30-12 and 15:30-17:30; Sunday 9:30-12:30 and 15-18).

karima no filter

August 11 | 21:15 | Piazza Cavour

No Filter is the new work of Karima, who proposes a “filterless” project with her quartet, where her music, a mix of jazz and pop, is presented in a new acoustic, intimate and even more expressive version. is presented. No Filter is also the title of their latest album, produced by Aldo Mercurio for Parco della Musica Records and Jando Musica, arranged by Piero Frasi. Karima introduces a fabulous selection of timeless hits with a personal and authentic interpretation: “The first meeting with my colleagues made us feel the need to create a new project away from our previous musical experiences, which would give me new inspiration”. The detailing was complex, but at the same time spontaneous and immediate: “We recorded everything in two days”, says Karima, “We decided to do a maximum of two recordings for each piece, in order to preserve the best feelings that were always present. first aired sometime”. “I was looking for a sound that I could identify with and we chose to use only acoustic instruments”. In concert, as in the recording studio, Karima uses special people, friends and great musicians: Gabriele Evangelista on double bass, Bernardo Guerra on drums and Piero Fracci, who, with his pen and a long collaboration with Karima, has succeeded in his music. have been Amazing vocals with Walk on the Wild Side, Tears in Heaven, Come Together and Man in the Mirror. The colors of soul, blues and even gospel exist together and express themselves in Karima’s singing. From his hometown of Livorno, he inherited his permeability to pollution. Since she was a child, based on her talent, she turned to music by participating first in Bravo Bravissimo and then in Domenica Inn. In October 2006 she entered the program Amici di Maria di Filippi. She places third and wins the critics’ award, unanimously ruled by the technical jury, which considers her the most interesting new voice on the Italian music scene. In the same year Karima signed her first recording contract with Sony BMG and recorded her debut album. Despite his young age, Karima already has a long and varied artistic experience, which includes the Sanremo Festival in 2009 and above all a collaboration with Burt Bacharach. He has also opened concerts for Whitney Houston and John Legend. He has collaborated with Dado Moroni, Riccardo Fioravanti and Stefano Bagnoli.

Free admission with reservation recommended at the Valle Pacio Tourist Office: 0171734990 (Tuesday to Saturday 9:30-12 and 15:30-17:30; Sunday 9:30-12:30 and 15-18).


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