Chivas: Norma Palafox boasts leg and muscle in full pandemic Coronavirus


Guadalajara, Jalisco, it is one of the states most affected by the pandemicl Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Mexico so that the front of the women’s team of the Chivas Scored the Guadalajara, Norma Palafox decided to make an invitation to all his followers in social networks to follow the instructions of staying at home and doing voluntary confinement.

Normitaone of the players most beloved of the Flock of the Sacred and of the League MX Girls, bragged about leg and bicep showing that he keeps in shape by taking good care of physically training from your home.

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#quedateencasa, was the message of Palafox in the couple of pictures that hung on Instagram, adding a few emojis of biceps and a couple of smiles.

The sonoran has not fared well in his return to the Liga MX Girls after its passage by the Exatlón USED, adding up to 316 minutes in 10 games played, only 3 of them as a holder and has not scored a goal.

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