Chivasso: Chivasso is the dubbing director and writer of the dialogues for Willy Wonka.

If Italians can go to the cinema to see Wonka (a new film by Paul King of Paddington fame, starring Timothée Chalamet, Hugh Grant and Rowan Atkinson among others), it will be thanks to a very young actor. Chivassian.

Chivassese is the dubbing director and writer of the dialogues for Willy Wonka.

Antonio Viola, born in 2003, will direct the dub and write the dialogue for an American film that traces the life of Willy Wonka from childhood to becoming the owner of the legendary chocolate factory, the former protagonist of Roald Dahl’s book and the big screen. Already having a decent curriculum, Antonio said that he started his adventure in the world of dubbing thanks to Elio Pandolfi, one of the greatest Italian actors and voice actors.


“Pandolfi,” says Antonio, “taught me a lot from both a human and a cinematic point of view, he taught me the basics of dubbing, a specialty that many actors want to master, but which is actually limited to a few, given the extreme complexity of the subject. The voice actor is essentially an actor without facial expressions, acting in a system where the word is not compensated by expressive ability: you can’t go wrong with dubbing.
Among his rich experience, Antonio also played Groucho Marx in the re-release of some black and white films: “However, my first real dubbing experience happened when I was still a child: it was 2005, when I dubbed seven issues. the boy from the series “Clinic”, for the first time my name appeared in the credits. This was followed by many events involving the greatest Italian actors, not least this was my first experience as a dub director for the video game Take it two, where I was especially appreciated.

Antonio gets to direct the dubbing and the role of the screenwriter of the Wonka dialogues thanks to the suggestion of the voice actor Oreste Baldini. “In these roles,” he continues, “I will have to adapt the already translated text to the mouths of the actors, correcting and directing the work of many of the actors who voice the characters in the film: among them will be Luca Ward, who voices the Oompa-Loompa, the famous actor Willy Wonka, who played by Hugh Grant, and Oliviero Dinelli, who has always been the voice of Mr. Bean, are also in the film. I can only be happy and proud to embark on such an important journey in my career. However, despite this, history and literature remain my passion: I am currently graduating from the Faculty of Literature and supervising the alternating school courses of the Liceo Linguistico Europa Unita dedicated to the history of cinema and dubbing. When I grow up? I would like to be a high school literature and history teacher, I enjoy dealing with half-grown children, I love literature and history, and this will be my job: what surrounds me is a personal pleasure.
Wonka will hit theaters in Italy on December 14 next year.

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