Chloë Grace Moretz alters the codes of the thriller in ‘Greta’


Los Angeles.

Without sexual intrigue, or power, with three women as protagonists, and with Isabelle Huppert as the enemy and enjoying each plane, the actress Chloë Grace Moretz he said to the Efe agency that was interested to participate in the film Greta because it allowed him to play with the codes of the usual psychological thriller.

“Really wanted the opportunity to take a genre that I love, but also have the ability to subvertirlo and to do so, for example, about three women,” said Moretz (Atlanta, USA, 1997) .

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Greta, who debuts this weekend in United States, escaping from some clichés of thrillers Hollywood on obsessions and paranoia: there is no boyfriends jealous, or frames sexual, nor hidden secrets of youth or families vying for an inheritance.
“And instead of Anthony Hopkins you have to Isabelle Huppert,” said this actress who, despite being very young, has already a long career on the big screen with tape as Kick-Ass, Let Me In (both 2010), Carrie (2013) and others.

With the film-maker Neil Jordan, winner of the Oscar for best original screenplay for The Crying Game (1992), to the control of the operations, Greta begins very sweet, with the encounter between Frances (Moretz), a young woman in New York that works as a waitress, and Greta (Huppert), a quiet lady who lives in solitude.

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But what could have been the start of a melancholic comedy about the passage of time, and the friendship between two women of different generations becomes, instead, a murky thriller after the adorable Greta revealing that there is something very dark in your interior. “When we met Frances it’s only been seven months since his mother has died. Your heart is in a very difficult place, and is carrying, in silence, a lot of weight on their shoulders,” explained the interpreter.

Hence, when the chance take you to get to know Gretathat seems like a lovely lady and loving, she is showing “open” and “friendly”.

Moretz stressed the humanity of his character, and how “when he looks into the eyes of evil of Greta, it is not that you understand where it comes from, but yes try to find some compassion for the monster.” “This moviein the background, is a story about loneliness and loss,” he said.

Shy, without a partner and without much interest in getting together with friends, to Frances, only accompanies us in the day-to-day their partner of apartment Erica (Maika Monroe), who closes the triangle women’s Greta.

Therefore, according to Moretz, the film dropped, and suggests that, “with more years of loneliness and pain, Frances could be the next Greta”.

The tape plays deliberately with the ambiguityboth the portrayal of their characters as formally, as in certain moments seriously the rules of the psychological thriller and at other times the ridicule and mockery until almost to approach to black comedy.

In this sense, Moretz highlighted the work of Neil Jordan and assured that Greta will remember In Dreams (1992), a film by filmmaker irish that featured Annette Bening and Robert Downey Jr. in its cast. “I’ve been a huge fan of Neil since I saw for the first time Interview with the Vampire (1994),” said the actress about a director who, in your opinion, combines the twists of a script of thrillers with “a version of dark tales”, and who also knows how to “pay attention to the characters and their emotional relationships” without neglecting that his film is “very entertaining”.

While the tapes mentioned came out before she was born, was familiar with the topic. “When you’re an actor it is important to know the history of the cinema, and I knew his work from many years ago”, he replied. “It was amazing being able to have the hand of a director who loves to build fantasies macabre and submit something like this, it ends up being a kind of fairy tale disturbing”.

Any way, one of the great incentives for Moretz in this tape was measured face-to-face with an Isabelle Huppert delicious and sensational in his role of the evil Greta. “Worried about what I thought and I wanted to have open discussions with me. He was incredibly curious,” said Moretz with admiration of the charismatic interpreter of French.

Finally, Moretz, who confessed to also being a big fan of Amy Adams, also called attention to the female cast almost in its entirety of Greta, and indicated that, of the hand of the other tapes as Get Out (2017), this film shows a “modern” approach, “interesting” and “change” about where it goes Hollywood in the present.