Chloë Grace Moretz and Jack O’connell are ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ in the upcoming remake | News


The duo of thieves and fugitives most popular in the world of cinema returns to the big screen. On this occasion, will be Chloë Grace Moretz and Jack O’connell who is put on the skin of Bonnie & Clyde. The remake it will be called Love is a gun and shall be directed by the Spanish director, Kike Maillo, responsible for films such as Toro and Eva. The tape will be adapted by Sheldon Turner, (Up in the air) and produced by Johnny Newman, in charge of the series Narcos. “We are delighted to present the iconic story of Bonnie and Clyde”, have been written by the producers, who have confirmed that Love is a gun it will focus on the details of their intimate love story and the reasons, as yet unknown, that led them to perform their misdeeds. “Kike, Chloë and his kack are fully synchronized in the approach that we will adopt, and we feel fortunate to have such a creative team of this caliber,” reads the press release. Chloë Grace Moretz can be found on some of the best moments in his professional career. The next month of December hit theaters spaniards one of the films most controversial of recent times; the remake of Suspiria, starring alongside Dakota Johnson and Tilda Swinton.