Chloë Grace Moretz confessed that he felt fear for its appearance (+ Photos)


Chloe Grace Moretz, Marie Claire

Karl Taro Greenfeld

Even movie stars have insecurities…

It seems obvious but sometimes people forget that celebrities also have feelings. Chloë Grace Moretz supports in the February issue of Marie Clairewho let the insecurities take over her to the film Carrie (2013). He confesses that he read in an obsessive way, and it was believed the criticisms made about it in social networks. “I felt fat, not pretty. I felt that I knew who he was. I was so confused. I was afraid. Had acne. I felt very insecure,” she recalls.

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Was already pretty self-criticism before being subjected to public scrutiny. She was raised by a single mom, and ensures that the divorce of their parents caused them to be stronger since he was very small. “It made Me be more hard on myself. It was the most difficult that can be to dismantle a family, he simply went so that you have to defend yourself on your own. When you are betrayed by someone who is of your family, you begin to fear trusting people and you protect them at all costs. For a long time I did that, not letting people enter it,” he tells the magazine about their attitudes towards men.

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The 18-year-old is much better now. “I’m so free now. I don’t know what happened, but when I turned 17 years, this weight was removed from my shoulders. I am so open, the step-well, I am not concerned with what people have said to me. I know who I am and who I want to be and how I want to present myself and how I want people to see me,” he says.

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Moretz you have a very busy year ahead. Star The Fifth Wave, November Criminals, Brain on Fire and Neighbors 2: Sorority Risingso , which will leave time for love. “I don’t want to go out with older people because I am 18 years old and older people is more serious. Then I realized: I will go out on dating, why not… and that is where I am now. I’m not looking for anything serious until you at least meet 23”.