Chloë Grace Moretz confirms her relationship with Brooklyn Beckham


But what do you think David and Victoria Beckham? Apparently…they have their doubts about it

But what do you say David and Victoria Beckham? Apparently…they have their doubts about it

The actress Chloë Grace Moretz (19) believed that the secrets all they do is cause people to have more interest in knowing about his private life, that is why, when asked about the topic has no problem to confirm that you have a relationship with Brooklyn Beckham (17).

“I think that much less mysterious you are, the less you are going to import to the people, so, yes we have a relationship,” confirmed Chloë in the program ‘Watch What Happens Live‘.

The actress is already familiar to the parents of Brooklyn, David and Victoria Beckhamparents also Romeo (13), Cross (11) and Harper (4), and is delighted with them.

“[David] it is a really cool parent and [Victoria] is a wonderful mother. The two are parents genuinely great, that is what is most important. And you have made a child very handsome,” joked the performer.

The first time was related to the couple was in Paris Fashion Week 2014 but the courtship was not at all clear until last month, when Brooklyn came back to bring up the rumors by sharing photos with Chloë in which he called her “my girl”.

One of the difficulties that you have had to overcome the couple has been the refusal of David and Victoria’s relationship because of the media attention that they believed that was going to attract.

“Victoria and David like Chloë but doubted enough of the relationship at the beginning, because they knew that I was going to draw a lot of attention,” told a source to the magazine Closer.

However, after the first doubts, the Beckham family welcomed with open arms to the actress, especially Victoria, who is delighted that there is another woman in the family.

“Victoria adores. Even has offered to help Chloë in its plans to become a model and have made reminder of girls in which participated also Harper. Victoria jokes with the fact that you are evening out the ratio of men and women in the family. The boys also love to Chloë and Victoria already considered part of the family by inviting her to a weekend at home and going out to dinner three times a week, as a minimum,” said an informant to the publication.


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