Chloë Grace Moretz defends cosmetic surgery


The young actress, in his time, advised to remove several ribs to look thinner

In an era in which the profession of models and actresses seems to be confused and crossed constantly, it is not unlikely that the interpreters are required to have a physical ppractically impossible. In the specific case of Chloë Grace Moretz (19), the young have been repeatedly recommended that you use the surgery to alter his appearance.

“I used to say all the time that I arrange the teeth, because I have a gap between the rednecks, and they also told me that in order to have a thinner waistline could take off the ribs. In addition, when I was younger I had acne, so I had to deal with a lot of pressure,” said the interpreter magazine Glamour.

The continuous criticism about her physical appearance came to deeply affect the young woman, who used to beg his mother to let her have surgery to increase the size of your breast or reduce your double chin and rear.

“Thankfully, my mother and my brothers never let me fall into all of that… If I had done all those things that I wanted then, now I wouldn’t know who I am. Of all forms, should not be allowed that you leave having the surgery being minor.”

However, Chloë not deluded about the importance that appearance has on a profession like yours, so try to take care of the most of doing sports and following a healthy diet, but without having to renounce to eat.

“I get to have the best body possible training and eating balanced. That does not mean to follow a diet of 500 calories a day, because we should not consume less than 1200. And yes, you can take only a juice cleansing if you want, but don’t kid yourself, the only thing you’re getting is desnutrirte. That, and retain liquids”.

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