Chloë Grace Moretz discover how to modernize the lips ‘burgundy’


When the winter comes, the locker full of tissue more dense and the dark tones, living in a back natural the bags of beauty. Raspberry, chocolate, garnet… the lipsticks are perhaps the most notice the change and the makeup of the celebrities they are in charge of teaching how to play with them again when it comes to the season of the cold. Chloë Grace Moretz it has been one of the last to bet for the burgundy in your makeup at night and, in addition to demonstrating that the style retro glam you can become the best asset for the events label reveals the look of eyes ideal to complement the darkness of the lipstick: the coppery tones with a metallic look and a total absence of mascara.

‘New Hollywood (New Hollywood), it is as well as have been baptized Mai Quynh, makeup artist professional, the look that you created in the american actress. This new version of the classic retro glam the divas of the film noir returns with no mascara or eyeliner. In their social networks, the expert explains: “I wanted to keep the focus on the mouth to make up to Chloë with a lip very dark combined with a bright look”.

The first thing to be aware of when applying a lipstick dark is that the skin is prepared: “The keys are a good pre-treatment of the lips (exfoliation and hydration)”, he explains Maite Tuset, MAC Senior Artist. Once the mouth has a smooth, even surface, a profiler of a color similar to the lip helps to draw the guides in the contours in order not to commit errors and, if filled with the same product throughout the interior, the final look will be more intense. Then just apply the lipstick on top of the area that is colored.

As for the eyes, go without mascara might seem risky because there are few techniques as infallible to frame the look. The trick of Quynh to not throw it less is to use a shade of copper in the outer corner, that highlights the shape with a similar result. Then, it gives brightness to the inside corner with a pitch metallic ultraluminoso in champagne colour. A trick of expert to increase the intensity of the formulas metalized is to apply them with the tip of the finger using gentle ‘tapeteos’ instead of with a brush. Even so, those who prefer to work with brushes, humedecerlos with a spray fixator of makeup before you begin, multiply the capacity reflective of the pigments.