Chloë Grace Moretz doesn’t want to go back to being Hit-Girl


Chloë Grace Moretz doesn't want to go back to being Hit-Girl

Photo: Special / Chloë Grace Moretz

In past weeks, the director Matthew Vaughn confirmed that is working on a reboot of Kick-Ass, a spin-off of Hit-Girlin the third part of the Kingsman and a spin-off of the same.

In this sense, the actress Chloë Grace Moretz, who played Hit-Girl in the two tapes previews of Kick-Ass, indicated that you do not want to be Mindy McCready, the role that catapulted him to stardom.

The young performer of 21 years of age assured not to be interested in returning to the franchise due to the disappointment he suffered with the sequel.

In this sense, Vaughn he talked about the possibility to follow the heroine into adulthood or in their years of learning, but did not specify too much, however, seems to be that Chloë Grace Moretz do not want to return to this role.

“I love the franchise. I think that the first movie was very, very special. I would have liked that the second would have carried out a little differently, because I think we were all expecting something different from what finally happened”, admits the young actress.

The general experience in the making of the sequel also has done that Moretz is reluctant to donning the costume, beyond if an individual tape of Hit-Girl.

“I really love the character of Hit-GirlI think that lives and survives on Kick-Ass and I want to keep it there. I would like you all to stay with the image of her. So I don’t think that they make Kick-Ass 3. At least, I don’t think that with Hit-Girl in it.”

For the moment, there is no official announcement about a sequel or reboot of the franchise. Vaughn not only deck a tape in a solo Hit-Girl, but also in the development phase of a reboot of Kick-Ass you could focus on the character of Patience Lee, a single mother african american who adopts the identity of the superhero.