Chloe Grace Moretz has a message for Brooklyn Beckham


The rupture of Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham we broke his heart. How are we going to keep believing in love after seeing the photos of Brooklyn kissing a model at Coachella? And, if you had any doubt, Chloe has finished confirm. It has done so very discreetly and with a subliminal message, but it is definitive: Chloe Grace Moretz she is alone and haunted life. At least, that is what it says his ring.

It turns out that Chloeas proof of his infinite love for Brooklyn Beckham, wore during their relationship a ring (yes, that finger) with a ‘B’ engraved. That is to say, the actress was wearing the initial of her boyfriend always with her. Here is the proof:

Getty Images

But at the end of your relationship, Chloe not only has he decided to part with this gem that spoke of its union with Brooklyn, but that has been replaced by another (much better, yes). In the last edition of the Awards, GLAAD, Chloe Grace Moretz it was praised for its look, but in the meantime, brightness and trend of makeup we escaped a detail: your ring.

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Chloe it has changed the B Brooklyn for the C, your initial and your true love, that it is the same. And for us to support you, to infinity and beyond.