Chloe Grace Moretz is a fan obsessed with her


Chloe Grace Moretz is a fan obsessed with her

The actress Chloe Grace Moretz had to get an order restraining against a fan that bothers you in your own home.

The young actress Chloe Grace Moretz (February 10, 1997 – 22 years) and his family have just been asked for additional protection against a fan they entered his home without permission. The brother of Chloe, Brandon Moretzfiled a restraining order Wednesday, in the county of L. A. v. Justin Alexander Behrthe man who has been arrested twice outside the house of the actress.

The fan obsessed Chloe Grace Moretz he now faces charges of harassment, for serious offences. Since he was arrested for stalking a second time in two days.

According to the restraining order, the brother of Chloe he says that the alleged harasser jumped the fence of the residence on Sunday night. After you started hitting the doors and windows to try to access the interior of the house.

The family of Chloe he called the police and when they showed up, the officers arrested the man. However, the type appeared again in his home the next day, only a few hours after having gone out of prison. The man tried the same thing and was arrested for harassment.

While the actress continues with her career.

Chloe Grace Moretz lend his voice to two animated films such as The Addams familywhere will Wednesday Addams and Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfswhere will give life to snow White. But he will also participate in the action movie real Tom and Jerry.

Chloe Grace Moretz is a fan obsessed with her

In the future have a number of projects quite interesting as they are Shadow in the Cloud, Love Is a Gun and Blood on the Tracks. Unfortunately there is no indication that it will resume its role as Hit Girl in a delivery of Kick Ass. Role that granted him fame in 2010.