Chloë Grace Moretz may star Ballerina, the spin-off of John Wick


John Wick it has become one of the franchise of action most successful of recent years. Keanu Reeves had already enjoyed fame and glory in the past, but his character of master assassin has placed it in the center of attention once more, with millions of millennials and gen z are willing to join your club. But the saga could be about to welcome a new heroine. Finally reveal new details of Ballerina, the spin-off of John Wick that could come sooner than we think.

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The story of John Wick is one that we all know, the troubled man who returns from retirement to collect a personal vendetta. But the cool touch of the saga directed by Chad Stahelski is that it presents us with a choreography of action, well armed, and polished, in the company of a world of incredibly large in its lore. There is not person in the world who do not want to know more details about the hierarchy of killers in the franchise.

Another Day To Kill – 85% and John Wick 2: A New Day for Killing – 89% were commissioned to introduce and develop a low masters world killers where the rewards are in the millions and the system is headed for a High Board composed of twelve members of wealthy families, and with ties in the mafia. But what made John Wick 3: Parabellum – 98% was to go even further in their exploration, showing from the academies creating human-lethal, up to the mystique of the Order.

In the third installment, we see a significant fraction of the academy where he grew up John Wickthe dancers, beautiful young girls initiated into the art of murder; the spin-off Ballerina will focus precisely on one of them. According to the information of the always reliable Daniel RPK (via Comic Book), Lionsgate has targeted to Chloë Grace Moretz to be the star of the new movie, and go that it is a very interesting character. The source offers the following description.

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Rooney Brown is a killer trained as he travels the world eliminating terrorist and other targets, but refuses strictly to kill anyone who does not believe that deserves death. After being attacked by a organization opponent, Rooney is removed, but then seeks revenge when his entire family is killed.

Among other details, Rooney belongs to the organization of killers led by the character of Anjelica Huston, and that in turn is responsible to be at the service of the High Table. The report also notes that Keanu Reeves and Huston return to embody their characters with a couple of cameos that will surely leave fans happy; supposedly the actors have already spoken with the company to repeat their roles.

The last and final revelation of great interest on Ballerina is the description of its agonist. This is Elias Muller, who serves as the mayor of a small town full of murderers; the subject is fully aware of what is saved in its territory and protects it with a fervor because he himself is part of the hierarchy. This is a character really interesting that will test the new hero of the franchise. At the moment there is no information about its release date.

For its part, John Wick 4 has been delayed until 27 may 2022, due to the crisis by a coronavirus that is gripping the world and which has placed head first into the entertainment industry. The fourth installment promises to bring the greatest amount of action in the hands of his protagonist, who will have to face the High Table, after the events seen in the last film. It is clear that we all want to Keanu Reeves back as the unstoppable Jardani

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