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Chloë Grace Moretz is not one of those actresses who are giving the note. Since it began fifteen years ago his career is impeccable. Nor even have a scandal on his resume, account with hits such as Kick-Ass: listo para machacar and The Equalizer: The Protector and sor fortune exceeds 10 million euros. A path that includes an active social media presence and two years of courtship along with Brooklyn Beckham, son of Victoria and David Beckham.

The rebellion of the leaves to the movies. But speak, speak clearly, on the screen and outside of it. That is one of the reasons why you do not leave the cinema; its 21 years it has been thought because she is tired of the roles that we offer. A distinct issue are those that look for herself. “As a woman I want to take the reins of content that bears my name”, he stated recently to THE COUNTRY. As an example, is his latest release, The Miseducation of Cameron Posta call of attention against the “therapy of conversion” used for the reorientation of sexual practice that the European Parliament condemns but that it is far too common in the united States. “I have two brothers gay and I know what I’m talking about,” stresses the actress.

Brooklyn Beckham and Chloë Grace Moretz in New York city last march 4.

Brooklyn Beckham and Chloë Grace Moretz in New York city last march 4. GTRESONLINE

Chloë remember the “out of the closet” of their brothers as much or more than the beginning of his career. I was 11 years old. Then he found the strength that now characterizes it. “When they told me I hunched my shoulders, wondering what importance it had. Remained the same people, as always, to my brothers, two kids are healthy,” he recalls. Did not have to go far to see how what for her was normal, others were not able to see it. “I knew that had to be their voice,” he admits. Says not only for his brethren but for the entire LGBTQ community. It also speaks of her, of the rights of women, of feminism. “I speak of a defence of all those groups that are subjugated by the rules of the society”, says this actress who magazine Time considered among the 30 young people with more influence of his generation.

The daughter of a plastic surgeon and a nurse, the artistic vein inherited it from Trevor, one of his four brothers, also an actor. “In addition to being my professor of dramatic art”, he explains proudly. Brando, another of his brothers, is now its representative. It also points to the merit of his mother to foster “creativity, what others call the quirks” of their children and to guide them in their career. First with Trevor to New York, where he tried his luck as an actor, and then with Chloë and beyond wherever your filming the take. The last, of Suspiria, took her to Italy and across Europe. “We are doing well as well. It is the way of feeling secure in an industry that can be chaotic,” he admits.

Next to the family Moretz are the paparazi. Especially while he was attached sentimentally to the eldest of the Beckham. That time has already passed and does not think to talk about it, although by his emphatic negative note … that hurt. Changes the subject: “There are things that don’t hurt as much as you do it more,” he says in reference to the fame. “You realize that the pros outweigh the cons,” he continues, “the paparazi are interested in my private life because the public wants to see images of mine. And people read these things because they are interested in my work. Hence, the process is uncomfortable, but provides me with a platform to publicize my ideas and talk about feminism, equality.”

There are people who do not want to listen to it. Of there the that was mounted when I got the colors in the red to Kim Kardashian for that selfie naked the wife of Kanye West hung on Twitter: “I really hope that you realise how important it is to give example to the youth, to teach them that they have much more to offer than their bodies.” Chloe said it so clear and he wasn’t afraid before the pullas of the Kardashian.

Moretz says things as she thinks. Even when she is the victim side of the movement, I Too, left in limbo his previous release, I Love you Daddy, after the accusations made against its protagonist and director, Louis C. K. “it’s Not that I was glad that my work is left on a shelf but you need to take measures against those who commit abuses. “I am glad of both the money that is giving our industry!”, he sighs with pride.