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Chris Barnes (Six Feet Under) charges a Kardashian for his Cannibal Corpse shirt

September 6, 2021 7:43 pm
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Chris Barnes He has appeared on social networks to position himself in one of those debates that sometimes divide the rock community. Do you have to be a fan of a band to wear a t-shirt of it?

The former member of Cannibal corpse and current singer of Six feet under seems to have it clear: Yes. The opportunity to comment has come due to a Backgrid photograph that has circulated on the internet in which one of the Kardashian sisters, who has been caught with her partner in Venice wearing a t-shirt from the band’s debut album of death metal, ‘Eaten Back to Life’.

Is about Kourtney kardashian, whose boyfriend was none other than Travis barker, pop punk band drummer Blink-182. In this case, it is known that the celebrity is not the owner of the shirt, but that, as detailed by her stylist Dani MIchelle to Vogue, Kourtney Kardashian fucked her partner, who owns a varied collection of these genre items such as punk and metal.

Days later, Barnes shared an article by Metal Addicts in which they talked about the Kardashian wearing the shirt, and he quoted him stating: “Poser”. This word could be translated as ‘postures’, in a message that blames the famous for wearing the garment just to show it.

Additionally, the singer responded to his own tweet with a mention of Liana satenstein, the author of the aforementioned Vogue article. In it, he has added a thumbs down emoji, hinting at his disapproval.


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