Chris Evans chooses Puñales’s favorite scene for this role, even though it cost her a lot to film.

The actor played Ransom Drysdale in the Rian Johnson film, which went viral in Jersey.

Rian Johnson started his own detective saga in 2019, inspired by political novels Agatha Christie With Sword strikesa suspense film with great comedic touches that the department staff entertained and enjoyed toasting in each of its scenes.

Eccentric friends Benoit Blancdetective in interpretation Daniel CraigEach of the suspects in the film has an important container with which the investigation must end.

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Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Don Johnson, Michael Shannon, Christopher Plummer, Lakeith Stanfield or Katherine Langford These are some of the people who accompanied Craig there. Sword strikes.

Chris Evans Newspaper as Como Ransom DrysdaleI am silent about the victim, Harlan Thrombey (Plummer) quickly became one of the fan favorites. And paper and knitwear, of course.

Chris Evans couldn’t get a laugh in one of the sword scenes.

In Harlan Thrombey’s family, his mother blossomed at any moment. The controversy surrounding the heresy is punctuated by veiled accusations that this man is responsible for the death of the novelist, and has provoked alarming situations among them.

At one of these moments he ran into Ransom. Walt Thrombey (Michael Shannon). In an interview with GQThe Captain America actor admitted that he couldn’t film the scene because his role as Shannon made him sick.

I love Michael Shannon: I think he’s the funniest guy. Everyone notices how smart and insightful he is, but he’s also funny. Make these minor comments calm and with a smile on your face. .

On the scene where I’m looking for cookies for my crush and yelling at me to do everything possible so that I don’t start laughing. I was very compromised. Absolutely fun. This might be my favorite result“.

There movie Rian Johnson’s 2019 was the result that spawned a sequel. Puñales por la espalda: the mystery of the glass onionwhich I brought Netflix in 2022. A third film with Benoit Blanc’s new case is in production. The Rian Johnson mysteries no doubt continue. SkyShowtime With Poker Face.

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