Chris Hemsworth Already Has a Successor in the Marvel Universe

Chris Hemsworth

The Australian actor is in the middle of filming the new movie about Thor, the god of thunder, and one of his family members has disguised himself as that character

Actor Chris Hemsworth is still in top shape, how could it be otherwise, and has shown that he has the energy to spare to continue saving the world as “god of thunder”. So much so, that the burly interpreter is already immersed in the filming of a new film in the Thor saga, “Love and thunder”, in his native Australia, specifically in the city of Sydney, which is not far from that town. coastal Byron Bay where the artist lives with his family.

As Elsa Pataky herself has made clear on her Instagram account, the day Chris gets tired of his character or feels that he can no longer give him the vitality of yesteryear, he will undoubtedly be able to hand over the superhero’s magic hammer to one of his two suckers, Tristan and Sasha, who with each passing day look more like their father, with their blonde hair and hyperactive character.

One of them, from which it cannot be discerned if it is Tristan or Sasha given their immense resemblance, has precisely made an appearance on the filming set and, as can be seen in the images and videos shared by the Spanish, it seems a tiny version but with great dexterity and determination of the Norse god that his father embodies.

“My A-Team”, the actress wrote, referring to another mythical audiovisual fiction, to title a photo in which Chris, the boy, and two production employees pose with their arms linked and looking defiantly at the camera. It must be remembered that Elsa herself has been immersed in an intense dynamic of work in the gym for several weeks to gain muscle and resistance, so undoubtedly she should also be part of this vigilante group: “Starting the first week of shooting with a lot of strength ”, he recently pointed out next to a photo in which he appeared ‘fighting’ with his coach and specialist.


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