Chris Rock, comedian calls the police on a stalker who burgled his property

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According to TMZ, chris rock He would call the police after seeing someone outside the window of his house in New York. The comedian spots the pursuer near the fire escape. The man has been caught on camera taking pictures of celebrities and trying to intimidate them.

However, on reaching the site the police were alerted by the rock, There was no trace of the man anymore. According to media reports, the pursuer may have been able to escape through the fire escape, and then may have gotten away in a white Mercedes. After the complaint of the victim, the investigation of the incident started. Chris Rock recently headlined Netflix’s first ever live stream event with his stand up comedy show.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the show’s stars have been harassed or harassed by stalkers. The Daily Mail recently documented a case involving taylor swift, mobbed by fans at a recording studio and followed back to her New York residence. BTS members have received death threats from stalkers claiming to be their neighbors after the band members said they would no longer accept food gifts.

There is no update on the ordeal experienced by the comedian, who presented last year’s Oscars night and reluctantly became the victim of Will Smith’s worldwide aggression.

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